L@@king for Wanted Poster generator..

sapphiresOctober 22, 2005


I really would like to make a Wanted Poster. I know there is a generator for this at glassgiant.com but it is not working at this time according to webmaster. Does anyone know of another site? I did a google search and all the links I tried take you to glassgiant.com. When my grandchildren get together they really tear up the playroom. I took pictures for their scrapbooks and the theme is "Crime Scene" this poster would fit in nicely with the theme as well as the yellow police line tape I made. Any help appreciated. Thank you.


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Will this work?

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I just checked and the glassgiant.com program you wanted is working now.

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Tropical Muse,
Thanks for trying, I just checked and it's not working. Would you give me the link you went to that was working? Thank you.


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I went to the glassgiant.com link you posted.

When the site opens you can chose from any of the following links:

Pumpkinizer HALLOWEEN!
See what your picture looks like as a silhouette pumpkin carving.
Free Flash Games HALLOWEEN!
Get pummeled by a pumpkin-chucker ghost in a graveyard, Whack-a-Bush, or swat virtual flies.

Wanted Poster Generator POPULAR!
Upload your picture and choose your name, crime and reward.
Family Guy Chart POPULAR!
Make your own version of Peter's IQ test.

Neon Sign Generator NEW!
Make your own neon sign. Choose from up to 9 colors.
Convert your favorite GIF, PNG or JPEG to ASCII art.

Magic Makeover POPULAR!
A virtual makeover will leave you looking your best.
Law & Order Spinoff Generator NEW!
Make your own Law & Order spinoff.

Pics and video of a small trebuchet (catapult with a sling) I made.
Longworth Chuck
A homemade chuck for finishing bowl bottoms on the lathe.

Morse Code Generator
Hear what your text sounds like in Morse Code.
Fark Photoshops
Images I have entered in Fark.com Photoshop contests.

Count to 31 on One Hand
Count to 31 on one hand using binary.
Binary Clock
For all you geeks. Tells time in binary format.

Maze Generator
Select size and colors to create a maze.
Gallery UPDATED OCT 16
Some personal pics. I will add more as time permits.

Timestamp Converter
Convert Unix timestamps to strings and vice-versa.
ROT13 Encoder
Encode and decode your text using ROT13.

When I clicked on the wanted poster it sent me to: http://www.glassgiant.com/misc_wanted_poster.php

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When you try to make a poster at glassgiant.com you get a page with the message:
This script is not working right now. The newfound popularity of this site has taken it's toll on some of the more popular scripts. I've tried 3 servers in the past 2 months and have taken them all down. I'm trying to get a dedicated server set up now, but it will likely be the end of October or so before it's ready. Sorry for the delay.
I just tried it and it's still not working.

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Yes, that is the same message I get. I am going to try and play around with the one that Tropical Muse posted here, in MS Word. I hope that site get's theirs working soon though. Thank you both for your help. If you should see a wanted poster that I can use to add my own text and picture, please let me know.


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You can create a really neat wanted poster sign at the following url:

Here is a link that might be useful: Wanted Poster Sign Generator @ FlipMyText

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Here's another link

Hope it works for you

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