Opinions Please! Is The Print Shop 'Easy to Use'

rockcutSeptember 9, 2002

My Wife likes to make Greeting Cards for the relatives. Shes not real patient with the Computer so Ms Picture It has got to go! I was wondering if The Print Shop was pretty friendly to use? MS Picture It is always freezing or crashing. Thanks in advance...Frank

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I have had PS 5, and upgraded to 10- I like it and find it very easy to use- the Grandkids hae no trouble at all with it. 10 has several discs and keeps asking you to put in this one or that one- I think 12 doesn't have the multiple discs. A bit of a nuisance, but not hard- and it never freezes, and my computer is old and slow.

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Why not just get her a greeting card software?
I started with American Greetings and it was simple and very user friendly !! Plus it has so many fun features . I have Picture It and like it for making Photo Collages however I have the same problems with it as she!! Must just be a bug in the program. Nebgranny98

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If she mainly wants to do greeting cards, I would sugest getting American Greeting Cards. Though I don't like the newer versions as well as I did the old ones, I like them best for making cards. You are able also to make posters, business cards and such like Print Shop just doesn't have the graphics like the print shop does. I just got Print Shop15 but haven't used it a whole lot, but find it easy to use. I have used Print Master for a long time and really like it. Also have Print Artist but don't care for it like I do the Print master. Both Print master and Print Shop are put out by broderband and I can't see a lot of difference in them so far.
Just my 2 censt worth

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I have all of them but the easiest of all is www.americangreetings.com online. I send out about 30 cards a month. If you are a member you can print as many as you want. they also have crafts on it too. and you can use it from any computer. If your are work and you need a card for something you can do it there. If I was visiting you I can do it there too. I orginally got a membership for the kids when they were in college because they could use it on the dorm computers. They are always changings the card so you have new art work all the time.

Other than that creat-a-card is about the easiest to you there is no learning curve.

On an other note, I love Picture it I have 2000 and 2001, I used to have the same problem with the freezing up until I got a 60 gig hard drive and it never freezes up and I use it every day.

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I teach PrintShop courses at a Senior net facility. PS15 is not as simple to navigate as PS12 was but only because of the added features. Of course, those extras are not necessary to access in the use of the program. I like the program a lot better than some others I've used. The more my students use it the easier they find it. My only complaint about Broderbund is that they've stopped including manuals with their programs.

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If you install PS15 in the "full" version all of the images are stored on your hard drive and you don't need to use the disc. Install it "typical" and you use the disc for some of the images. If you buy the Broadband verison all of the images are online and are not installed in your hard drive and you still don't use the disc.

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Thanks Everyone for your suggestions!...Frank

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A while back someone mentioned a site that had the American Greeting on sale for dirt cheap. I bought one for myself & one for the niece & nephew. It's a great program- the designs are nice enough for adults to appreciate, & the program is easy enough for the kiddos to use. Going back a version or 2 will save you a good bit of money, too.
BTW, I have an MS Picture It that I never use- it was a bugger.


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Another unhappy MS Picture IT owner, here!! Program's the pits!! Any version I've tried...they all stink! IMO...
I would recommend PrintShop to anyone...I do like the older version 6 the best :-) Some habits are hard to break! CraftyTurtle's correct...since both programs (PrintShop and PrintMaster) are now owned by Broderbund...both interface(s) have become interchangable.

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Guess I better give my 2 cents on Picture It. I absolutely love it! I have used it for several years on several different computers. I make lots of cards and your only limit is your imagination! I use PI for almost everything I do with graphics. Even use it to write letters, which are more like newsletters. I can understand why you wouldn't like it if it doesn't work well with your computer, though.

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I have tried several the ones I prefer to use are Print Shop 6.0 (1 disk only) and Print Master deluxe 7.0 (5 disk) and Create A Card 3.0 (1 disk)

I have had freezing problems with (I uninstalled) Print Artist platinum and Home Publishing 2000.

I have but rarely use Print Shop 10.

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PrintShop 10 was awful! Somebody messed up with that version.

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My vote goes to Print Shop Plus. I use it for making cards, flyers, writing letters and photo work for my eBay listings. I did not like Picture It.

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I have PS3, PS5, PS6, PS11 Select. I still use and like PS3 the best, and it works with Win98 (home) and 2000 (work). I hate the later versions. I only use PS6 when I want to import a jpg, which PS3 doesn't allow.

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I've used printartist and american greetings, but right now I'm using Hallmark software and I love it. Gave it to my mom for Christmas, and she loves it, too. Just my 2 Cents.

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Can Anyone tell me where I could buy the older versions of american greetings for making cards. I have bought several card software and not been able to make any sense of it at all. I am not very good on the computer so wanted to find something easy and several recommended american greetings but can you still buy the old versions?

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If she is only going to make cards, i suggest American Greetings, or Hallmark. I have both, and i like Hallmark Deluxe the best. Also have picture it and printshop, they are great if you want to make more than just cards.

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You could try 'ebay' or 'amazon.com.'

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Could someone give me simple instructions on how to upload photos I have on my "C" drive, and make albums using "Print Shop Select version 12? I just got this cd, installed it, scanned a picture, saved it on my hard drive, and I can't figure out how to create the albums. It says to click on "upload now", but that isn't an option. Please EMAIL me DIRECTLY if you can help. I am not real computer-saavy, but I can follow simple directions! LOL Thank you in advance.

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Kay, are you trying to create an album within PrintShop or an online Photo Album site?

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