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Mick MickMay 24, 2014

I am finally finishing up my bathroom remodels. The only things remaining are hardware, a new widespread faucet (the one I have is kinda sucky) and a new toilet for the guest bathroom. My bathroom budgets are shoestrings. However, I don't want it to look like it. So, I took the "slow and cheap" route. I scour clearance sales and websites, use coupons, sell stuff on eBay, negotiate and make hard decisions. I do it more because I enjoy the thrill of the chase and I just like doing projects like this.

I am going to do a Toto Acquia (or probably the Drake). I have a Dalton in my master and it is great!

That leaves the hardware for both bathrooms. I narrowed it down to Polished Nickel finishes. So, for the last year I have been "collecting" pieces from the Pottery Barn Mercer collection. I have the double knob, a glass shelf, train rack, and toilet paper holder. I am not going to do towel racks in the master bathroom (which is ti-ny).

For the other bathroom, I obsessed over the Restoration Hardware collection. I decided to hit up the local Restoration Hardware outlet to see what I could find there. I. Hit. The. Mother. Lode. I found every collection that I wanted in Polished Nickel. Score? Yeah. No. No matched set.

I asked the girl to look in the back. Nada. At 55% off of retail, I was determined to leave with something. So, after serious deliberation I bought the pieces...I ended up getting pieces from the Lugarno and Asbury collections. I am going to keep checking the outlet for toilet paper holders from either collection. Or....I might just pick up one from Pottery Barn.

My mother rolled her eyes and sighed. Apparently "no one will even notice." I guess this is all psychological for me. For once I want to have something that is "coordinated", well thought out and perfect like all of the bloggers (and you guys).

Nevertheless, I am very happy with all of my choices. I just wanted to do a brain dump. Who knew that TP holders were so important?

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If it makes you feel any better, having pieces that work together (common element) is far more blogger-worthy than having everything match.

You want "put together", not "bought together." :)

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Mick Mick

Thanks Amber! It does make me feel better. I have been so focused on having everything match that I didn't realize that it would be matchy-matchy.

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my TP holders and the towel hooks don't match the faucets in either bath. I bought similar style (modern, more square in shape) and finish, but two different lines. The grab bars are also from a third manufacturer.

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The sink faucets I picked had no matching accessories, so I used another collection from the same company. I tried to keep a similar theme with square bases. The grab bars are from a different company and they had a square version, but the corners were so sharp that it didn't seem like a good idea for a shower, so I went with the rounded ones. I went back and forth on this a few times, but when I imagined bending down to pick something up and accidentally banging into those sharp corners, well, that made it an easy decision! Your choices sound just fine.

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The accessories in my recent bathroom remodel are from PB, RH and Ginger. They all have the same rounded style and chrome finish so they work together really well.

Some PB Mercer collection pieces are on clearance right now. I saw them last night when I picked up a set of 2 Ella sconces in vintage pewter for $59. Score!

Now I just need to find the RH small wall mount pharmacy medicine cabinet for the new bathroom. It's the perfect size for my tiny guest bath and I've been calling outlets near me all morning trying to find one but no luck. It's on sale at the regular store but online only and there's no way I'm paying $150 shipping!

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Most people don't look beyond the finish: shiny silvery, shiny brass, or dark is about as deep as they would be thinking.

Lugarno and Asbury have a 1930s industrial/Deco feel to them and will go well together.

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I couldn't find one line that I liked every piece in so I just went with polished chrome for everything and I bought some from Moen, some from Pottery barn, some from I don't remember where. I like it. :). Hope you love yours!

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I went all chrome too, Pottery Barn, Moen, Grohe. I have a silvery wood mirror, not a match. Went with glass knobs on the vanity, totally avoiding the metal issue.

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I prefer the look of things that coordinate, but don't necessarily match. Unless you are doing a very sparse, modern space (which it doesn't sound like you are) as long as you keep a few elements the same (color or shape) then I think it is more interesting to have some variation. Plus you managed to score some deals, too!

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Mick Mick

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I went back and managed to find an Asbury toilet paper holder. My work is complete. I will put it all together and " be happy". :)

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You aren't quite done, yet. Please do post pictures of how it all came together ; )

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Mick Mick

I will post updates and my budgets. Lol

My goal is to have everything completed by the end of June. The funny part is that it will all be out of style once I get it finished. Rofl!

I am thinking about doing a shiny wallpaper in the master bathroom. It needs *something*.

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