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PurplemoonSeptember 2, 2010

My dad has been doing very badly the last few weeks, and I'm having a bit of time taking care

of him now. I'm kind of physically and emotionally exhausted. And I'm not able to leave him alone very long. But I did get out for a FAST thrift trip, and it was a good one. (lifted my spirits quite a bit.)

I took a couple of bags of stuff to the Humane Society thrift store and of course, just had to go in to see what I could bring back home.

EVERYTHING was ONE dollar each, except the Christmas plate, and it was $2.

the bunny candleholders are made of a pottery type stuff. And the big table-runner

was too pretty to leave.

The white charger is something "all y'all" said is a necessity. LOL.

The iron candleholder deer has some little ruby red gemstones in the gold scrolls on him.

and this is the darling, glittery bunny Mz Jaybird surprised me with. Hard to see how she

glitters in the photo, but I've appropriately named her "Sparkle". She'll be in my Xmas decor!

hugs, Karen

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Sorry your Dad is ailing.
I'm glad you were able to get out and find some wonderful goodies. Great prices too!

Those books look fabulous also.


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Karen, glad you got to get out a little while today. Being primary care giver is a pretty heavy load. You did well, the table runner is beautiful and just yells Fall. The little bunnie candleholders are darling and will fit right in with your other bunnies.The deer is so unique; can't wait to see how you use him. The Ms Sparkle is so cute, Ms Jay did well. Hope your back is doing better, you have been in my thoughts and prayers, Janet

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Candy, I highly recommend that top book by Dr Christmas.
Go to Amazon and check it out, I think you'd love it. I love browsing Christmas books and that one is my favorite.

Janet, thank you. My back has gone from excruciating to almost bearable. Darn sciatica is not at all thrilled with me lifting my Dad multiple times a day. I'll talk to my doc next week and see if I can get better pain management, he's got me on such low doses for Fibro that its ridiculous!! Seems this is normal with doctors tho, they just don't 'get it' as you probably know too well. I'm taking him a load of information (again) from the National Fibro site.

hugs, Karen

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(((Karen))), I'm so sorry that you're father is doing poorly. Wish I could hop on over and give you a bit of a respite. I'm glad that you were able to get out and have some fun . . . and boy, did you find some great buys! The new bunnies are darling, love the deer but, oh, I'm lusting over your new white birdie a lot(I love bird statues of all kinds)! Thanks for sharing your latest great finds with us. And, take care of yourself, too, will you?

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That white charger looks EXACTLY like the white chargers in my cupboard and I didn't pay anywhere near one dollar for mine. Ahhhhhh!

You got some good stuff, kiddo. The reindeer looks very smart. And Sparkles is so cute. I know we'll all be seeing them again this December.

Sorry to hear about your Dad. Don't let yourself get rundown. That can happen when you're the sole caregiver.

Oh, I forgot about the fall table runner. Love that too.

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Lynn, I can't resist bird statues at all. This one is iron, got him a while back at Michaels.

Because of Candy and OA, I bought (ebay) two Warren Kimble salad plates to decorate with next year. Auction just closed and I was only bidder. Yay. Thanks gals, hope you enjoyed helping me spend my money on these!

hugs, Karen

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SWEET (on the Warren plates), PM! Reminds me of a Grant Wood painting...such inspiring "enablers" here! Love it!

You sure got some bargains on your quick get-away...bunnies are so cute ...so is "Sparkle" from j. That deer looks like an interesting pc...will be fun to use this winter!

Good thoughts & prayers to you & your Dad, Karen. Please try to get some extra help into your household for your Dad...your body cannot handle all that lifting. All of this getting old business is so darn hard at times! Funeral for my last Uncle yesterday & his wife did most of the care & family helped, too...at home (she is 83!)...they were married 63 yrs this month! Anyway, hugs to you! Jeanne S.

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Karen...this truly is a time that I wish I REALLY had that Holiday Bus to gather everyone up to come help you out and cheer you up.. Sorry to hear about your Dad..Prayers and Good Thoughts for Both of you.
I am glad though, that you were able to get away for a bit and that your goodies brought some cheer your way.
By you bringing Good Ghings to the Humane Soc...in return you 'Received' good things.


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I think those bunnies were just hanging out over there waiting for you to come take them home! Neat buys on the plates and deer too. Sparkle bunny is great too, know you will enjoy using him in your decor--good job of cheering our gal up Jaybird.

Make sure you ask some of the caregivers who come to assist with your Dad about the "safest" way to help him up. Sometimes they know little tricks that make things so much easier on you and gentler for him as well. Glad you make time to get out and about every once in awhile, it's good for you--and for our enjoyment of seeing your pics! ;o)


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Jane, our bus loaded with a bunch of you would sure cheer me up. Can we say PAR-TAYYYYY TIME ?!! LOL.

Luvs, the man who comes twice a week for Dad's bathing is having a bit of time as well. The past two weeks has been a huge change physically for Dad. (think 160 lb sack of cement.) He now can't sit up in bed by himself, much less get out of bed without help. Nor can he stand even for 30 seconds to make matters worse in transfering him to wheelchair/bed. His doc is supposed to send PT person to try and work with him, or at least show me any tricks I haven't already tried, to make it easier to move him in and out of bed. At least we got a hospital bed, that helps.
Unfortunately, things will not get better...only worse.
So I am a bit stressed in all ways right now.

Another auction I was bidding on closed and again, I was only bidder. I got this pair for my small collection of Otagiri Birds. I love them.

hugs, Karen

perfect tagline for me....
"What I need right now is a strong drink and a peer group."

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*Unfortunately, things will not get better...only worse.*

Boy! I can remember when I realized that about my mother. Actually, I didn't realize it. A wiser lady than I had to say it to me in a rather stern voice, just to get me to make some decisions that had to be made. It's hard - and we all know it. So you know our prayers are with you.

On a lighter note, I did some bidding myself. Got these two salad dishes. No bargain (20 for the two) because of the shipping, but I HAD TO have them. I was so taken with Candy's table.

As a matter of fact, Candy has offered to keep her eye out for more of them. I'm under the impression that she travels around quite a bit and pops into thrift stores wherever she goes. So I'm going to use these two for Bob and I and wait for better deals on additional plates. I know my teacher friends will go ape over them.

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PM...those Ortagiri pair are beauties! TFS!
And, OA, those Warren schoolhouse plates will be fun!

And, wishing that bus could travel (physically) to you, too, Karen. Such a toll on both you & Dad...a tough journey. (((((Purplemoon)))))! & prayers. Jeanne S.
OA...we've travelled the same road in many ways...my Mom, too...bless her heart...peace for her in heaven now.

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Ahh Karen...I so wish I could come and help you. I know from experience how rough the care of a parent is...both physically and mentally. I am sending you a huge Texas sized hug!! Please take care of yourself and don't get down too!
All of your things are lovely and Ms. Sparkle is smilin'. ;^)

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Sounds like a lot of us know the difficulties you are going through--please take solace in the fact that you're doing a wonderful thing having your dad there. I'm sure each of us would not want to be burden but on the other hand there's no place that's better than "home."

A short shopping trip and you got some terrific things! That table runner will make fall seem a little more like fall, and of course we all look forward to seeing your rabbits and Sparkle in the coming months. I love your Kimble plates with the flags--how perfect for a patio 'scape next summer.

Hang in there, you know there'll be a reward down the line sometime.

- Magpie

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Karen, your bunnies are at it again, multiplying!!!!! LOL

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Karen, I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I know how difficult it is. We went through that with my mom.
I am glad you got a little retail therapy!
Enjoy your plates!

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