pheasants anyone?

PurplemoonSeptember 22, 2010

AH-HA! I caught a pair of Pheasants! They apparently were planning to hide out till next ST PATRICKS DAY. Does that tell you where I found them! From the time I first started looking for them, I kept thinking I'd put them in the pantry where I store Holiday stuff. Spring and Summer holiday stuff !! For some reason I kept "seeing" them

there last, in my mind. But I'd looked on the pantry shelves THREE times already. I decided what the heck, and looked a 4th time. They were wrapped up, in the back of the middle shelf, behind all the St Paddy's stuff. Oh Good Grief, Charlie Brown! I bought them about the time I was putting that stuff away for the year, and guess I just stuck them back there and told myself I hoped "I'd remember". Yeah, right.

Here are my elusive birds!


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Karen those are too beautiful to lose! Ha ha! How many times have I looked for something three times in the same place and not found them? Too many to count...

- Magpie

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. . . . and they're not exactly little either.

That's what I can never understand. How can I misplace a thing whose size eliminates certain places it can be stored? Can't be in those drawers, they're too small. Can't fit in that cabinet, it's too narrow. Can't be on those shelves, they're made of glass and won't support the weight.

It's amazing how so many inanimate objects can get up and hide themselves in my house.

Glad you found them. If they were mine, I wouldn't find them until Spring.

By the way, they're great looking.

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Oh WOW, I love them! Are they bookends?? I hate that when I can't remember where I put something. Especially when it's seasonal!

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Great looking birds, Glad they finally came out of hiding. Can't tell you how many times I have humted for things and they were right under my nose all the time. Can't wait to see how you use them.They will be beautiful any way you chose, I"m sure. Janet

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Karen...I'm so happy you found them!!
What a nagging feeling knowing they were Somewhere...BUT WHERE! Who would have thought with 'St Paddy's' decos!!
Our mind plays tricks, when we quickly stash things away..and we know it's not the right spot...but for the Then, we pay for that 'Brain Fog'...later on...

They're just beautiful..and we'll be looking forward to
seeing how you use them...

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I'm doing the Happy Dance for you too. They are to cool to not come out of hiding. You knew where they were there all the time, just took awhile to dig behind and find them. I still have some Halloween or fall things I need to go find.LOL

Do you already have a place for them? I really like the looks of that pair and they will go with anything and everything so well.


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"and they're not exactly little either"
Yep, OA, I think that was one of the first comments I made when I told y'all they were missing. And your next paragraph sounded exactly like what I was mumbling to myself as I looked. LOL.

I'm glad you guys like them, I was afraid they might seem kind of 'blah' since Pheasants really are so vividly colored. I'm not sure where they are going, right now they are in PLAIN SIGHT, on top of a curio with a fall swag behind them. I still need to find a place too for my colored metal pheasant I got last year. For that matter,
I have 5 garlands, about a dozen misc little glass pumpkins, my stacked plate Fall decor, and some large pumpkins and gourds to find a place for. And I do mean FIND. I've decorated pretty much every place I decorate for Fall. The family-room, entry hall, main bath, front porch, and around my kitchen area. Living-room is not condusive to fall colors, its got that burgundy accent wall, burgundy side chairs, and pumpkins/orange just doesn't work in there. LOL. So right now my garage floor is quite colorful as I try to figure out what the heck I'm going to do with that stuff. Oh, I forgot, I also have several big floral groupings waiting to be used. sigh.
I think I really have too much Fall stuff. But nothing I want to get rid of either.

help....where's that 12 Step Program when I need it!

hugs, Karen

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Karen, I too am so glad you found those elusive pheasants! I know it's terrible when you hunt and hunt for something and can't find them. They will be a nice addition to your decor.

For your burgandy room, lots of the fall swags have that color in the leaves--and a can of spray paint will fix a pumpkin or two for you. Did you add some Fall to your pretty back patio too? I know you have that nice baker's rack out there.


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So happy that you finally found them!
Of course, fall is pheasant hunting season...sorry, couldn't resist. :)

What Luvs said...mix some burgundy leaves in with them, or even paint a pumpkin or 2. The one on my LR coffee table is actually a burgundy fabric one from HL.

Happy decorating!


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They are just beautiful, for sure worth the hunt. I know what you mean about running out of places to decorate. I've bought several new things for fall and haven't even pulled out all my old stuff yet. Oh well, that's part of the fun.

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I'm with candy & luvs ...with using the burgandy leaves & maybe some clear or white pumpkins with this lovely pair of elusive pheasants...have a coffee table in your LR? LOL at your colorful garage floor!

Glad you found that roosting pair! A lot of people love a good pheasant hunt...but I can see that you were't too happy to be there! All I can say is, "been there, done that!" (& sounds like it's a predominant trait for "Enablers R Us!")

Have fun with 'em...Jeanne S.

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Dear Enablers R Us, let me get this straight...
I mention ALL that Fall stuff in the middle of my garage and no place to put it, and you suggest I get MORE so I can decorate my living-room? LOL, thanks a lot.
I don't think y'all are going to put Dear Abby out of business for problem solving. But you keep me entertained
to say the least.

luv and hugs,

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Wow, those are gorgeous, Karen!!! I can't wait to see how you use them in your Fall decorating. If it wasn't for the frustration and wasted time it caused you, I'd say that it was funny the way they were hiding in such an obvious place. BUT, from the sounds of it, we've all lost stuff just like that (LOL)!!
Lynn (who not only lost 21 charger plates, but totally forgot I'd even bought them in the first place!)

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Well, I'm glad you found them NOW, Karen! They're beautiful and I remember them from last year.

I have done the same thing: I box or wrap things to protect them -- and then I'm unable to find them because they're 'hidden'! I missed putting up/out a lot of xmas decor for that reason last year. And like Lynn, I forgot I had even bought several things, so why open boxes and wrapping when you don't even know what you're looking for? lol!

My best method so far is using large boxes that I *try* to keep the same items in every year, with the items written in LARGE letters on the outside of the box. This definitely works best for garland, bows, lights, etc. And I try to always keep items in the same location. Unfortunately, not everything fits neatly in a box, and the more I acquire the harder it is to find a place to store. ;^)

Has there ever been a thread here dedicated to storage tips? I've seen the gorgeous dish-room threads (yeah, like THAT's going to happen here. lol!) but nobody with a room like that would have a storage problem, right? I'm talking about a thread of storage tips that have worked for each of us. Does anyone successfully inventory their items? are there certain storage bins or shelves that everyone should get? those are things I'd love to know about! :)

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Karen, Those pheasants are wonderful.I'm looking forward to seeing how you are going to use them. Isn't it amazing how things will hide from you until they are darn good and ready to be found?

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