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Marlene KindredSeptember 19, 2012

Gotten stuck on loving a new color and just can't get enough of it?? Well, it's been that way with me since we renovated the kitchen. I'm really loving this shade of blue/green. Found a compote today at Home Goods...it was the first time I had been in our new store. Holy Cow! What a store! Anyway, this compote was calling to me. Last weekend, DH and I painted our old kitchen chairs in the same color and reupholstered the seats....I figured they were due since they were over 30 years old!

Thanks for lookin'~

These also have a glaze on them, but you can't tell in this picture.....

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Pretty color Marlene. I think you did a great 'redo' on the chairs.
That bowl goes perfectly...must have been waiting for you to come in and take it home!
The placemats are a nice accent too.
I've had my share of color obsession..so I can relate to what you're going through.
I'm sure there are plenty of others here who've done the same!

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Marlene, I love the color of your chairs and you should be proud of your wonderful redo. The seats are such a neat pattern and perfect with the color. I've been so busy with work that I haven't gotten into any new colors lately but I use to be that way all the time. Now by the time I get into something it's already out!LOL

We don't have any Home Goods stores around but love that compote dish you found. Like Jane said goes perfectly with the chairs. The placemats are so neat with all the leaves. Thanks for sharing and hope you keep posting pics to inspire!


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Pretty color and it matches your chairs so well!!
It sure was waiting for you to come and get it.
I love Home Goods, they have such cool decor items and holiday items too!!

I'm sure you will find some more pieces in that pretty color to use around the house.


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Marlene, that pretty bowl just ties your chairs and table together so well. I agree, it's such a pretty color. Have you used it on any other pieces in your home? I'd be doing picture frames and such with it for sure. I used to go to our Home Goods every week or so, really loved going there for the holidays. Luvs

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Marlene, This is one of my all time favorite colors.
The bowl is so pretty and your chairs look wonderful. The fabric you used is perfect.

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Isn't it amazing how a coat of paint can turn old wooden chairs into a thing of beauty? You picked an excellent shade of blue. And the compote goes with it perfectly! Did you save some extra fabric to re-do your chairs 'just in case'? I call it cheap insurance!

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well that was a match made in heaven! I can't believe you found a compote in a color you loved AND it matches your "new" chairs so perfectly. Wow!

I really like the fabric you chose for the seats too, very pretty.

hugs, Karen

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Sorry to be so slow, Marlene ...but I wanted to comment on this your post, anyway ...I missed this one!

You have made your kitchen re-do into such a beautiful place...so comfy & 'right at home' feeling. This is just adding more to that feeling...your chair coloring is gorgeous & thank goodness, Home Goods, called to you to stop...that is a perfect centerpc ...along w/those pretty placemats you've shared before. Love it all!

Everything is so clean ... the white in your kitchen ... the fabric you've chosen here...love the color combo! TFS, Marlene! Jeanne S.

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