calendar cover stock

smurfsdadAugust 6, 2006

I make yearly calendars for my family. I'd like to find something heavier than 110lb card stock for the covers. I print on these covers. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks, Jerry

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I use the photo paper that is states you can print on both sides...Kodak has one I think there is other brands that say the same...Not sure if it is heavier or not..I think the pictures come out better due to being photo paper.

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Try a print shop such as Kinkos, or an office supply store like Office Max that does printing. They usually sell specialty papers that may not be on their shelves for general sale, and possibly there is some heavier card stock that you would like. The heaviest that I put through my printer is 110lb card stock. I'm not sure if something heavier would jam in my printer. Buy one or two sample pieces of a heavier weight to make sure it goes through your printer ok.

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Another question about calendars. What is the best weight paper for the calendar pages...I am using a Broderbund program that allows me to print photos on the calendar page.


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Thanks folks for your replies. Joan, I have been using Epson Matte Heavyweight paper for several years. It is 44lb, 9 mil. I print the pictures on the "white" side and the calendar on the dull side.

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