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SMF77May 1, 2012

Does anyone just LOVE their shower head or have one that you wouldn't recommend?

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I like Speakman shower heads, we have an S-2251 and it's great. We removed the flow constrictor but honestly you don't need to, lots of water volume and pressure even with it in there.

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We really liked this Delta In2ition (which combines a handshower and traditional shower in 1) in our last house. I bought it at Lowe's on sale and think I paid around $40 for it:

In our current house we have a separate handshower with massage settings in the master so we went with this one for the stationary showerhead. The touchclean feature is a godsend with well water:

The kids have the Dryden by Delta and love it:

Hope this helps!

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We've put the same Grohe hand-held shower in two different bathrooms because we like it so much. The first bathroom we've had for 14+ years and it still works just fine, even with well water!

I don't know the name, but in looking at the Grohe site, it looks very much like this one (Movario ). Most importantly, what we like are the options for the water/shower patterns. The Movario has all the same patterns as our two.

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SMF77: "Does anyone just LOVE their shower head...?"

Yes. Moen Velocity 6320. Best showerhead we ever have used. Moen Customer Service (should you ever need it) is the best, too. We bought a second Velocity 6320 as a housewarming gift for our son and his family when they purchased a ridiculously upscale house; they love it, too, and have replaced all of their showerheads since they received the one from us as a gift.

Here is a link that might be useful: Some other opinions

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