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sassyoAugust 16, 2004

On Fons & Porter this weekend they printed out a poster size picture on ink print fabric. But they didn't say what program they used to make a poster size... it printed out on 9 sheets of paper. Do any of you know what program would do that ? Thanks, sassyo

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I can use any of my graphics programs to print a poster. I just change the setting under printer properties.

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I have two computers with printers, SassyO. One has the poster function (Epson Stylus CX3200), but the other one doesn't (also an Epson, but an older model).

On the CX3200, I can make the poster in 4 pages, 9 pages, etc. Then I have to glue the images together to get the poster.

Look through your printer page choices very closely. It may be there. If not, save your file, find a friend who has the poster function on their printer, and ask to print it there. Or if you really want that poster, take the file to a commercial printer. They can do it for you, all in one piece, but for $$.

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Thank you for your help. I did finally find it in the print options of my Picture It Program , sassyo

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