Any software programs better than PrintShop?

GrdnanglJuly 20, 2008

I have PrintShop version 12, but it is no longer supported on the website, and now my computer has Window Vista on it, so some of the features don't work that great.

I am looking to buy a new graphics/photo editor software. I make cards, mini candy bar wrappers, CD/DVD labels, stickers, etc., etc. I also make DVD's and have used the Pinnacle Studio for making my movies, but it was not compatible when I burned the DVD's and would not play on all DVD players.

Any recommendations out there as to which software program is easy to work with and has many features?

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I agree with mond Adobe photshop is better then print shop. You will be able to do unbelivable things with Adobe. Good Luck!

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Adobe Photoshop "Elements" is a powerful, editor that is cheaper and easier to use than Photoshop Professional.

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If you want a free and good program you might try installing either (or both) Photofiltre or NOTE, is nothing to do with the MS Paint already on your computer.

Google either of those for tutorials and you may be pleasantly surprised

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