Need to replace Elux slide in range

suseybMay 15, 2013

I have a 2 year old Electrolux slide-in induction range. It started beeping a week or so ago and giving a error message E 015. Turning it off and back on seemed to correct the problem. Then, yesterday or the day before, it started beeping and giving an error E 35.

The repairman was out today and it was be over $500 to fix the board that will help him to figure out what else is wrong with the range. There are no guarantees that replacing all 4 circuit boards will correct the problem. I love this range.

I purchased an extended warranty on a range I purchased in error. I was pregnant and my house had flooded. However, the warranty was not transferred to the range that is in the house. So, no warranty.

In lieu of repairing this range, I am thinking it would be best to just buy a new one. We have an incredibly limited budget, especially since this one cost much more than the listed price due to my error. I had to pay a restocking fee and the difference to get the slide-in. :(

Sob sorry aside... I cook a lot. I have children and cook every day. I bake almost as often as I cook. We use the cooktop at least twice a day, and the oven almost as often. Our budget is almost non-existent. Any suggestions?

I will be purchasing an extended warranty on this appliance.

Thank you very much.

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Without a model, I just googled Electrolux Induction Slide in Range. I suspect there is only one model made?

Anyway, the model I looked at , had the "wavetouch controls", (touchpad).

If that is the case, try VERY THOROUGHLY Cleaning the touch pad. If it has any dirt or grease on it, then it thinks you are trying to push buttons on it.

After cleaning and drying it thoroughly, turn off the circuit breaker to it for at least 2 minutes. On some ranges/cook tops
with touch pads, this "recalibrates the sensitivity of the keypad.

If this does not fix it, do call Electrolux and see what they have to say about it, you may want to let them know a lot of folks are watching your posts, (some that may be considering the Elux Induction Range).

Meanwhile, I will see if there are any posts over on the "Fixit Website" about a similar problem to yours.

I had a Caldera cook top that did the same thing, and I was able to keep it going for about 2 years, by doing what I am suggesting above, but since it was not induction, everything got baked onto that keypad, and in 2 years I had to trash the whole cook top.

Good luck with it!!


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Hi Gary,

Yes, there is one model. Another model is made for Kenmore, afaik.

I have done what you suggested and got about 2 weeks more out of it. We had to turn the breaker on and off every time we used it.

When I contacted Electrolux, there was nothing they could do since it is out of warranty.

I have checked the Fixit website and there is a lot of discussion about changing out the circuit boards. The boards are very expensive, in fact, the most expensive part of the repair. We just can't afford that, knowing that this could happen again.

I'm open to any ideas on how to fix it under $1000, barring that, we need to get something new. I'm back to using a butane burner for cooking and it is going to get old fast.

It is sad that a $3700 appliance only lasts for 2 years.

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I would try replacing the keypad first.
Also removing it and cleaning the inside of the glass.


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Here's the link for Elux service. I would email them, and tell them about your problem, You might even email them this link.
They gotta be pretty stupid to think folks are buy an induction range that only lasts 2 years.

I also don't like their "attitude" even on lil bit, based upon your post about your discussion with them. They could at least tell you what is most likely the cause of the problem, the circuit board or the keypad, "I'll still put my money on the keypad" or something on the inside of the glass below the keypad.

Meanwhile, I going to try to find a parts list for it, and a good source for parts.


Here is a link that might be useful: Elux Service

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I want to second what Gary said about company "attitude" and about reminding Elux that a lot of folks are watching your posts, some that may be considering the Elux Induction Range.

I've linked to what appears to be Electrolux's book of error codes. It does not mention the range but I'm guessing that they use the same codes range as the induction cooktops. Error Code 15 is a "key sensor error" --- what Gary suspects is a keypad problem --- but it might be a loose cable or might be a bad board. Error code 35 apparently may signify either a problem with the power cord or a failed relay board in the stove.

Suggests to me you also might want to check the power cord and outlet (you mentioned having had a flood and maybe you want to rule out something in the outlet being loose or corroded.)

I sympathize on using that butane burner. Might want to consider getting one the portable induction units like the Max Burton (available for around $100) and save the butane for use during power outages or camping.

Beyond all that, I'm not clear what your budget for a stopgap/alternative is. Are you maybe considering a used electric stove and looking for suggestions on brands/ previous models to look for or avoid? Or, are you asking if there are any sub $1k electric slide-ins out there. (Yes, but they are all coil-burners units, which might not be what you wanted to hear.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Elux error code book

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Thanks guys. I will email Elux again. I know that they don't want people to have to trash a range that cost thousands of dollars. My husband is going to try to figure out how to get the glass off so that we can clean under it.

The outlet and power cord are 2 years old. We had to replace a good portion of the electrical after the flood. The flood is why we redid the kitchen. It made sense to do it. Someday it will be done.

My budget is less than 1K. I may be able to go up to $1300 or so. I am looking at used/CL/refurbs in addition to new. I just need a workhorse.

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