Printing on Vellum

kyryJuly 16, 2004

I have an hp photosmart 1115 printer and was just wondering which paper type I should choose to print on vellum to get the best print. I think I remember Jill having an hp printer, not sure if transparency paper is the right choice.

Any one print with this type of paper and any tips?



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Hi Carol, yes, I have an old HP PhotoSmart P1000. But I've never printed on vellum, so I won't be much help. Did the packaging the paper came in not have any instructions?

A google search found these tidbits of info:

Apparently it isn't as porous as regular paper and won't absorb the ink so it just sits on top of the vellum.

 Go into your printer set-up and adjust it to the Transparency setting. This will put the least amount of ink onto the vellum.

 Go into page set-up in your word processing program and set the margin 1" from the top of the page. This will allow the printer time to get a "hold" on the vellum and reduces smearing. And yes, you can cut a 12"x12" sheet of vellum to 81/2" wide and put it through a laser printer.

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Thanks so much Jill, the vellum is loose sheets that my friend pick up at Joann's.(So no printing instructions) It has snowfalkes embossed on it.
The project is for the bridal shower invitations. I decided to go with vellum over navy blue cardstock. I found a cute poem and will just add the other info. With the fancy vellum I won't need the clipart. I'm cutting the cardstock in half, then cutting the vellum to allow about 1/2" of cardstock border, putting two holes in the top and joining them together with ribbon. My daughter & I had done something similar with mulberry paper and vellum for seed packets for my other daughter's baby shower. I will post a picture when I get one put together.

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Sounds like it should be really beautiful.

Are the snowflakes in the same spot on every sheet, so you can avoid putting print over them?

Can't wait to see the results.


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I recently helped a friend make placecards, using vellum. Since it was going to be on a table, I thought we should protect the ink from any drips of water, etc., so we printed the name using "mirror image" and then the ink side of the vellum was against the cardstock. The printing showed up just the same as if it had been printed on the front.

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Great idea minniemoose, I'll have to remember that.

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Some vellum just will not work for printing. I know that there is vellum that is made for printers also.

I have printed on vellum and let it dry for days and it still smears.

I'd imagine that you have already finished your invites and hope they came out great. They sound beautiful.

Another option is to print on plain paper and layer the vellum over it. You can see through the vellum to read the printing.

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I'm so sorry I'm just getting around to posting the results. I forgot that I had posted this questions on two forums, I just posted the results on the Graphics & Scanning forum. The cardstock is a much nicer blue than shows in my pic. And it matched the font color exactly.
As I had said there, not my choice of ribbon, The invitation was cut and put together by the bridesmaids. I only designed and printed them. Thank you all for your replies.

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If your ink isn't drying well, I bet that using a heat embossing gun like what is used with rubber stamp embossing would help dry it. It should only need a fast bit of heating it to dry it.

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Google THE PERFECT PRINTING POUCH. You use normal ink and paper settings (not transparency) and the printing is so dark and bold and you'll be able to print right over all those pattern snowflakes without any skipping and the ink dries so incredibly fast!

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