Greeting Card ideas

CuddlebonesJuly 1, 2004

I have just started making (or trying to make) greeting cards. Why? I'm still not sure....something to do I guess. I have all the supplies I need and then some. Does anyone have any websites that would give me some good ideas for cards?? I'm not very creative but would like to make some cool cards. Thanks in advance for any and all responses.


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Welcome, Cuddlebones! One good reason to make your own cards is because it's less expensive! And you can have it say exactly what you want. And if you want a card for Memorial Day, or the Fourth of July, or "Just 'Cuz Day" you aren't limited by what's available in the card store.

You might want to take a look at the Paper Arts forum. There are several folks posting there who make greeting cards. Here's a link for you...

Here is a link that might be useful: THS Paper Arts Forum

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Thank you soooo much! I hadn't even thought of that forum and had never been there before. By the way, I LOVE your kite card. It's adorable.


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You can buy the cd of cards at walmart..there easy to use I used them and there cool to give

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Here's a link for cards to print FREE..
American Greetings

Here is a link that might be useful: Print Greeting Cards

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You can make by yourself cards in home. There are many good ideas available on internet. Just Google it. Or best idea is to go with pinterest.

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