Anyone using Photoshop?

rosessecretgardenJuly 8, 2010

So friends!

Is there anyone who is using Photoshop for the purpose? I mean have ever designed any card or anything else in photoshop. its considered best now a day?

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Photoshop is a high end professional software that alot of people consider too complicated. And it can be. A good resource for learning that I've found is - but Adobe has improved Photoshop Elements so much that it is almost as powerful and doesn't have the same learning curve that Photoshop does. Plus it's much cheaper. Your talking a max of $99 vs. $2-$300 (with student discount) for Photoshop CS5. Unless you are a high end photographer or graphic designer, Photoshop elements or some of the other similar softwares for the home user will do a great job for you. I've been learning all the Adobe softwares for the last year because I use them at work professionally. But if I were just a home user, I wouldn't even bother. Especially Photoshop. It's complicated. More for photographers, I think. But that's my personal opinion. It really depends on your desire to learn and what types of projects you want to do! Good luck.

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I agree with Craftinkk. I own both Elements and Photoshop as part of the Creative Suite. I'm just an average home user. Photoshop and the Creative Suite can be a brain bender. If I were going to use them much I'd need to take classes. Elements is much easier to use.

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I was still in research how to use!

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I don't use the real photoshop, but I do upload my pictures on picture editing sites to enhance the look as if were taken on a professional camera.

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I have Photoshop and I merely use it as part of my hobby. I enjoy editing photos and other stuff. I didn't know how to use it at first but I insisted on learning from online tutorials.

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I've been using various versions of Photoshop for about 15 years. LOVE it, use it almost every day for art and craft projects. Even my husband can edit his pictures in it without asking me for help too many times.

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I use Photoshop as part of my hobby in photo editing. It has been a really good tool for me. Through experimenting on its various features, I was able to learn and improve my skills in photo editing.

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