what program or method to use to print 4x6 photos

sassyoJune 17, 2003

I am having trouble when printing out photos ...cannot seem to get an exact 4x6 print with templates in adode. My HP Printing crops off the picture. I am trying to print 3 of the 4x6's to a page. Any help out there? Thanks, sassyo

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Sassyo, what size paper are you using ?

If you are using standard 8 1/2 X 11 inch paper, it would be mathematically impossible to get three 4 x 6's in either direction.


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I bought a great little program entitled "Print Six" which allows you to print the number of prints you want in the size you want on one sheet of photo paper. You can print four, six, etc. different pictures on one sheet. Joy is right, though, you will not be able to get three 4 x 6 on a sheet only 11.5" long no matter what program you use

Here is a link that might be useful: Print Six

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The only way I know to print 3 4x6's on a letter size page (8.5x11) is to print 2 vertically and one horizontally and to set up for printing you need to be able to place and rotate the images. I can do that in PaintShop Pro (print multilple images), PageMaker (place graphic), MSPublisher (insert picture) and probably any of the card making type softwares. The key is being able to rotate the image.

Success will also depend on the minimum margins your printer will allow. Group the 3 images together in the center of the page and you need .25" on left and right and .5" top and bottom. For my HP the bottom margin is larger than the top so mine would be .25" top and .75" bottom.


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thanks for all your help,sassyo

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