Sizing a single fan or a dual fan for bathroom

enduringMay 13, 2013

Can I meet all my bathroom venting needs for my 100sf room with one fan at the shower, or can I use a dual fan setup? I would like to have a fan in the shower, then 5' away have a second fan in the w/d and toilet area. I don't want 2 holes in the roof.

Should I just stick with one fan at the shower?

The GW thread that I've linked to below is somewhat informative but it doesn't address the issue of fan size as well as makeup air for my 100sf bathroom project.

Fantech has information on dual inline fans. And here is a link to Soler & Palau:
These dual fans seem sized too big for my situation. Am I correct in this?

Here is a link that might be useful: Dual bath fans for shower/commode area?

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Use a Fantech with dual inlets.

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But the dual sets that Fantech has are way over sized for my bathroom. See the link below. Or, can I just get a smaller fan and use 2 lighted vents, connected with a "y" duct?

Here is a link that might be useful: Dual Grille

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I have 2 fans and they connect into one duct which exhausts on the side of the house. Ours are broan if that helps.

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I have two Panasonic Quiet whisper fans one inside shower and one over toilet on opposite side, one exhaust vent out the roof. The quiet whisper you can hear but not loud, you can forget its on, but you do not hear it in hallway or in bedroom unlike my other fan in a guest bath you can hear down the hallway.

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Debrak and and Sofla, thanks very much for responding to this question. I can see that I was limiting myself only to the "sets", that the company sells. I am guessing that you can create your own set.

Can you tell me the size of your fan and the size of the room? I am really liking the Fantech remote fan with what looks like a smaller grill and light vent.

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Yes thanks again Sofla, I will be sizing fan soon also (I have already specified Panasonic) not sure if I want one or two.

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DH can't remember the size (as in capacity) of the fans. They were from HD or Lowes not the lowest price but not the highest either.

I think the room is 11 x 10 ? It has a whirlpool (standard size) and separate shower and the toilet along the outside wall. One fan is over the toilet and the other is half over the shower and half over the tub. The toilet fan is on a movement sensor next to the toilet. The other fan is on a switch. I suppose the shower/bath fan could have been put on a timer but so far its not an issue.

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Debrak thanks very much for posting the details of your fan. I will be putting one fan in the shower and the other next to the w/d stack and toilet. I want lights on each.

I called Fantech and talked to a tech guy. He was very helpful and said "lets do ÃÂ la carte". So I have on order:
1) an inline fan that is sized for 170cfm and 4" duct. Tech guy stated that with the extra ducting it is good to go up in the cfm rating. He took me too a table that showed why. But I didn't pay much attention to it. If anyone is interested it was on their website.
2) a "Y" connector
3) Ceiling grille & housing with dimmable halogen light x 2 each.
4) Electronic timer

I will be getting these in the mail soon. But the installation will be some time out. I will keep everyone posted on the product and function when I am at that point.

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Can you kindly let us know if you like the dual fans from Fantech? I am considering a dual fan with one fan near our shower and one inside the toilet room.

We also considered using a dual fan from Fantech for two baths that were back to back to reduce the side vent to one vs two. However, it seems weird to me when one bath was in use the fan in the adjacent bath would be turned on as well. What do you think?


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Hi Carol, I just got mine installed. They are not hooked up yet. My electrician, who is a wonderful guy, has been MIA for a month. I guess the schools electric upgrades come before my modest remodel :) Anyway, now school is about to start and they will be more available so that "Nate" can get over here and wire my stuff. The fan is a 170cfm unit if I recall. The fan is actually made in Germany. The grills are about 8" diameter or so and have a halogen light.

I don't think it's too weird that the neighboring bathroom will be vented when the one in use is vented, really. It is a new concept but I think it is ok.

I was able to keep the roof vent and hook everything together just fine. I had my brother do the work and he did all ridged ducting because it is more efficient. The vents are about 5' apart. I will probably have 2 switches to the unit because I have 2 doors to enter the room. Fantech is a unit that I have seen referenced many times on GW, with great reviews. When I talked to the tech guy he was very helpful.

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Thanks for your input, enduring. I will definitely use the Fantech dual fan for the shower/toilet room combo. Still not sure about the adjacent baths on the lower floor. I read on the forum that there may be noise transfer between the two baths if I do this dual fan -- not so desirable LOL.


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