Calling all Marble Bathroom Owners

chefwongMay 17, 2012

Love the look....hate the maintenance.

It's porus, it's soft and I hate the wear it will get.

You're also talking to a OCD freak who owns a commercial grade steamer.

So tell me. What's your maint on it. Do you have someone come out and buff it once a year. And the floors. Marble is soft...

Granted we are barefoot in the bathroom. How do ya'll deal with the ~patina~ on the floor .

I've looked. And they do have some pretty good Fake Porcelin stone lookalikes, it just doesn't truely feel or look like it.

Let me hear it.

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I am a year into my polished marble in two bathrooms (master and kids). It looks gorgeous. A couple of small etches where presumably a drop or two of salicylic acid (acne treatment) must have hit. We clean with a drop of dish soap and water and a microfiber cloth. I love my marble.

I am about to put it in the kitchen too (honed thoug).

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Not what you wanted to know, but I believe I may install the new Formica fx that looks like carrera marble. Never would have considered this in the past, but here's why I'm looking into it now:

1. This new product knows what it wants to be - the real deal carrera -- and there is so much cheap marble around now -- like the crema marfils that to me do not say turkish bath -- that I think it will be an ironic but still beautiful counterpoint in the bathroom.

2. The vanity is 60" -- there will be no pattern repeat so it will look more authentic. I don't think I could use this in a kitchen -- too much of it.

2. It could be chic statement of fake fun

3. There are so many other hard surfaces in the bathroom, and I'm using a stone floor. Somehow, I think that might make the formica work better.

4. I can always change it: it's not a major committment. This process is so fraught, I'm looking forward to doing something that doesn't carry a 20-year mistake potential.
The worry factor is reduced.

Of course I'm saying all this before I've even received my (free!) sample .

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Oh, and in another bathroom we are using Vallelunga Sophia
basketweave ceramic fake marble. I haven't seen it yet, but I think it will be a good fake because

1. It's really little. You know how they say the smaller
cubic zirconia is "believable".

2. It's an iconic pattern. The mind is predisposed to believe it's real. I'm hoping to fool myself.

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Jamies, I would love to hear more about how you like the Vallelunga after you get it.

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