Napkin, printer question?

olderJune 19, 2003

Can names be printed on paper napkins, using a Lexmark 5100

4 in one printer. thanks older

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I don't think I'd want to try it. Be afraid the napkin would jam in the printer or if it's 2 ply, would come apart. Might depend on the quality of the napkin. Not familiar with your printer but I don't think my HP PhotoSmart P1000 would pull a napkin. Imprinting on napkins is usually done with a foil heat stamp machine.

How about getting a rubber stamp made, they have inkpads in all kinds of colors now.

If you get brave and it works in the printer, let us know.


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I was hoping it would work, but will get a stamp. thanks older

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Before you stock up on blank napkins and rubber stamps, Older, give one ot two a try. You may find that the napkin material is so porous that the ink will bleed and blur your picture. And be sure to put something behind the one layer you want the print on as the ink may bleed through to the layers below.

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Why not try ironing it on freezer paper like you would for muslin. the only problem I can think of would be placement of your writing as the napkin would be a smaller size than the 8.5x11.

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Try using removable tape and taping it to a regular sheet of paper. I run the paper through the printer, then tape the napkin over the exact spot that your pictures or words are. Be sure to not tape too close to the edge.

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Did you get your napkins printed, Older? Just curious if any of the suggested methods worked for you :^) .

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I have the same question & i want to know its answer. Can anyone help me to know the answer?

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Use tack spray and spray it on card stock. Press the napkin or tissue paper on it and print just like usual. Remove the tissue paper from the card stock and you're done.

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