Need help making a bookmark....PLEASE

Deb_from_PaJune 19, 2006

I have a tree with all of the names on it that I need but can't figure out how to take it from there and make bookmarks for a reunion...any help would be soooooooooo appreciated


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Don't quite know what you mean when you say "bookmarks", the kind that you use to save book pages? I would use cardstock and print them out on it, but that would be a lot of cutting. Check in Microsoft works etc. for some templates maybe. Hope that got you headed in the right direction. Good Luck!

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Thanks Elsie....not sure what other kind of bookmarks there are, but yes, I do mean the ones that would be printed out on cardstock, then laminated.......and I have a template already
I guess I didn't make myself clear..I don't know how to take the graphic and make it fit in a bookmark template

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Try changing the size of the font,when the fonts are too large they take up more space. Sometimes when you make the smaller fonts bold they use up pretty good. I am always trying to get addresses to fit on the labels I make. Sure hope I am helping, by no means am I an expert. :-)Good Luck!

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Deb, what program are you using to make the bookmarks?

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Well, I was trying to use Print Shop6, but don't have a clue.....
I just bought a new program Adobe Photoshop in hopes it is easier for me......Didn't get it yet though
Someone on another board was kind enough to take my image and change it into a bookmark size for me....actually 2 people did it and I got 2 different ones, so that was so nice!

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