Help w/ adobe file & Printmaster 12

DolceMiaMay 30, 2003

I downloaded a pdf file (a box template) and would like to use it on Printmaster 12. Is this possible, and if so; how? I can't seem to get this. HELP!


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PDF files are usually built to be printed from within Acrobat and are not editable. The only way I know would be to print it and scan it to a jpeg.

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This is a strange way about things, but I just did it in desparation. I found a free stained glass pattern that I wanted to use for a painting pattern. It was in PDF and I couldn't use it that way. I was surprised that there was no way to save it in another format.

So I opened Paint (Start, programs, accessories, Paint) and minimized it. Then I switched back to the open PDF document. Click anywhere on the screen to be sure that it is selected. Press CTRL+Print Screen (just above the Insert button on your keyboard, which is just to the left of the Home button).

Now maximize paint by clicking on the open program in the taskbar (down at the bottom of your screen). Click anywhere in the white portion of the screen (don't worry if it makes a dot LOL).

Press CTRL+V...this is the equivalent to choosing Edit, Paste. You may get a message that the paste area is larger, choose yes to enlarge.

Whatever was visible on the screen appears in Paint. This includes toolbars and everything LOL. Anything not visible on the screen (off the edges) does not appear, so you might have to move around a bit before pressing that CTRL+Print Screen!

Then I use the selection boxes and erase tools to remove elements I didn't want (the toolbars for example) and place the parts I do want in a better spot. Once that is done, resave the file as a JPEG, Bitmap, whatever. Printmaster 12 can use both.

I know that sounds so very confusing, but try it!

If CTRL+Print Screen does not work, try Alt+PRint Screen.

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