you've got see this wreath!

PurplemoonSeptember 22, 2010

I LOVE, LOVE the colors (tho you probably knew that).

Its a Halloween wreath, complete with spider and web,

but what a unique and beautiful wreath this is!

No, I'm not buying it tho I sure would love to have it.

Scroll down thru her description where she has a lot of photo close-ups of it! I imagine this took quite a while to make, and far more patience than I possess.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Halloween wreath

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Karen, It is a lovely wreath but I am sure with your talent for arranging things after a trip to DT you could make one just as pretty for a fraction of the cost of that one. I made 2 for GDs wedding with things from DT for under $15 and they were quite pretty.I"ll be watching for one. Janet

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It is a very beautiful wreath and I love so many things on it. Those sparkling purple pumpkins are something I would love to find. I had a lg one and DGD ended up with it. The silver mesh ribbon is such a nice change and the silver & purple glitter ferns and black web-looking leaves, not to mention all the beautiful flowers just make this.

I can see why you fell in love with all the purple.


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That's a different kind of Halloween Wreath alright!
The photo of it hanging on the door really made it
stand out and it's beautiful.
Karen..I think if you took the time to collect the different items...and yes from the $ could put one together like that, and for a fraction of that price. I can see it being a fun project too.
I think some of the things were sprayed with floral spray..and prob the glittered pumpkins with glitter paint.


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It certainly is pretty and just your color, Karen. Love the black, purple and silver on it. Luvs

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Lovely & very different colors then usual, but very fall looking!!I always love purple even tho I've never done a room in it or lavender either. I always end up bringing home purple or lavender flowers from the nursery tho. Jan

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Very elegant, PM! (can certainly see that in your beautiful home!) That lady is very talented. I think you could do it, too ... make room on that garage floor! LOL! ...from another protege ("Enablers R Us), Jeanne S.

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That is an especially beautiful wreath and I couldn't help but drool over her other ones as well.

Are you sure you are not going to buy it! ;-D So tempting.

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Oh, you can do it Karen!

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