In case you're interested in a Cricut

luvstocraftSeptember 26, 2010

Just got an ad from Joanne's. They have the small personal die cutting machine (Baby Bug) on sale for $79.99 in case anyone is interested. I paid $85 when I got mine and they are usually much higher. It will cut letters and shapes up to 5 1/2 inches high. I'll attach a link to the ad. No, I don't work for Cricut, just have had several people tell me to let them know when I see it on sale at a good price. Luvs

Here is a link that might be useful: Joanne's sale ad for Cricut

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Luvs, I see all the fabulous things you've made with yours, but how difficult is it to work with?

I had mentioned that I'd love to get one for my gdaughter for xmas, she is 10.

I saw all the ones you did for Halloween, but did you have to cut out the wood you put them on? Would she be limited to few things she could do if she had no one to cut out the wood for her to put hers on? I guess I need more general info about what all you can do with it, especially a young girl!!!

Sorry to be a bother, but hoping you can give me some general info about what all she can do with it.


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jeannespines 2 DD's each have a one ...they're "scrappers" ...and both of their daughters, now teenagers, use them. Especially the youngest ...comes in handy for lots of things...I get very special b'day, anniversary & Christmas cards from them. If your GD is "artsy," & likes working on projects, she would pick it up quickly. Just jumpin' in here! Jeanne S.

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Yachter, you could buy a board at Lowe's and have them cut it into "blocks" for her if that's what she wanted to make. However, I would imagine she would be more interested in creating banners for her room, signs on cardboard for her door at home like "no boys allowed" or like Jeanne suggested she could make cards for friends or scrapbooks for her pictures. There are tons of ideas out there, I've seen those $1 wooden frames from Michael's decorated with scrapbook paper and then some words. I just did three square glass bowls for Halloween, I'll have to get a picture taken of them to show you. Another fun thing is to personalize water bottles, book bags, and note books. These are not inexpensive however because you have to buy the cartridges for the letters and shapes and those usually run around $30 on sale. Once in awhile you can find some for less.


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I tried to order it on line last night, but it was an IN STORE only for SUNDAY only. Too far away for me.
Thanks for thinking of us, Luvs!

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OH NO, SUNDAY ONLY??? I know my gdaughter would love something like that! RATS!

Thanks for all your help Luvs & Jeanne, let me know if you see it on sale again before xmas.

Our Joann's left too, but there is one about 20 minutes away, but I didn't realize it was a "one day only" sale either!!

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Sorry, I hadn't realized it was one day only either. Will keep watching. Luvs

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