saga, ever heard of weak granite?

scrapinsalMay 10, 2012

ok, so we made up our minds, bianco antico and chose a slab at the fabricator (highly recommended).

we leave a down payment with our chosen slab. Template is done, waiting for fabrication.

this week, granite man says: "the stone you picked has a lot of (?) weak spots, veins, something (?)

we cut some for another customer and it broke in pieces when we were installing. We must order a different slab".

Today he tells me new slab looks just like the old one, he doesnt trust cutting it, wants to make sure I am satisfied with product.

Invites me to come look at other options or wait for more material to be delivered (maybe it will be different?) Or I can get my money back and call it a day.

Anyone ever heard of such a thing? Weak spots in multiple slabs of a particular type of granite? Bianco Antico prone to breaking?

thanks for advice

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A lot of stone that never would have been slabbed in the past is being cut and sold today.

Most lousy stone is resinated, some is even matted, both strengthen what would otherwise have been an unusable piece of stone.

As far as your stone simply being weak from too many inclusions and it not being resinated? That happens too. The distribution chain has changed, sources have changed, the entire market has changed. You really do have to be careful when buying.

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I had BA in my last kitchen. No issues with it at all. Absolutely loved it. There is a lot of mica in it. Perhaps the slab that crumbled had an enormous amount of mica in it and it caused an issue.

If you can go look at the slab they are going to use, I would highly suggest it. BA varies a lot. We are building a new home right now. I did consider the BA again, but all the slabs I saw had a lot of pink to them. I had slabs with brown, taupe and gray in them. That is what I liked.

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Sounds like you have an ethical and experienced stone guy! I'd make a point of thanking him for his concern, then see what the new stone looks like.

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