Salvaging Errors - What's Your Favorite??

Red_ConfettiMay 28, 2004

Sometimes(!) I make a mistake when designing a computer craft project, but I sure hate to throw out the materials I've invested...

So when I forgot to reverse the image and words before printing an iron-on decal, I didn't throw it away. I ironed it on the back of the shirt, and redid the image correctly for the front... kinda like I'd planned it that way!

What's your favorite rescue of an oops! event?

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I can't think of anything right now, but I know I've had to go to "plan b" many times because of slip-ups! I've been watching this thread ever since you posted it hoping to read about everyones fixes. It's a great idea for a post!
I'll try to think about it at work today.

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