finally! some *new* decor

luckygalSeptember 24, 2010

Well, not really new, but newly arranged. Believe it or not I still had my post-Easter decor on my mantel (since April!!!). It's been a very busy spring and summer with gardening, traveling, guests, and other things that have kept me occupied outside of my house. Still doing gardening but the rain has given me a temporary respite from outdoor work.

I'm not decorating yet for Thanksgiving (in 2 weeks here in Canada) or Halloween but wanted to do something different on my breakfast room sideboard and the mantel shelf.

Breakfast room sideboard has a few yard sale finds - wall grill, other wall decor, books, candleholder & candle - $1, lamps $5 for both and never used, urn.

Closer... Love these old books and I bot them strictly for the color of their covers, which I'd never done before!

This is my mantel shelf which is a 10' long shelf on the wall above/behind our wood stove. It's not easy to decorate as it's so long but this time I used 5 original oil paintings that have fall-ish scenes.

This summer I bought 3 of these plates with fall scenes of Paris altho not sure I like them here. The oil painting at the far left is just peeking.

Far right end of shelf...

This is all stuff that was very accessible. I will be changing/tweaking these arrangements when I dive into my fall totes. Hope to contribute more to the forum than I have recently but haven't figured out how to clone myself and can only do so much. ;-D

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You did such a wonderful job with your bargains. I like it all, the plates with the Paris Fall scenes are lovely.

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Pretty Paris plates! You have the size mantel I've always dreamed about.

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Welcome back from the gardening, luckygal! Rainy & cooler days ahead ...looking forward to seeing more of you!

A 10' mantel & lots of art work....that is a dream come true (as OA said above)! I love using framed works & prints ...& from the ones I can see here, I am lovin' your choices. And I think the Fall Paris plates look grand ...since they are round, it breaks up the rectanglular shapes of the mantle vignette. Love the wood candle holders & how you used black candles & the black snuffer & black plate holders...very nice!

Now to that lovely sideboard...I love everything! Innovative the way that you used those leaf placemats for a runner & the wire roosters with your wall grill & lamps are beautiful. Also love the "colors" you threw in there with the ceramic/pottery leaves & using easels to stand a couple up...nice!

LOL about you buying the old books for the color of their cover...reminds me of my working days when someone wanted to locate a book but couldn't remember the title, but knew cover was "red" (or blue, or gray or whatever!) Tshhh! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Your wall grille and the wire roosters are fabulous. Everything looks really nice, you've arranged it all very nicely. I like old books too, I have a small stash of them from back when I was painting on the covers of some.


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WONDERFUL. ALL of it! I have missed you here, hope now that Fall has arrived we can keep you around more.
A TEN foot still my heart. I could have an absolute ball with that. (a friend of mine has something like that up high on her walls, about a foot or so down from the ceiling. In several rooms. She's a 'collector' too. I love it.

hugs, Karen

PS..a while back I asked you if you were the one who sent me the special cookies from Canada? I'm going nuts trying to figure out who sent them, and I only know a couple of you who live there!

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Your buffet looks wonderful as does your mantel. The small oil on the left is my favorite!


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Beautiful Display on your sideboard.
I can't get over the price of those lamps.
I like the way they look and how everything is so nicely balanced. Love the wire Roosters and your large candleholder.

You did a great job on your shelf/mantel. That's a lot of space to fill. Your choice of paintings, plates and candleholders, work nicely together, and is very impressive. The black snuffer is a nice touch.


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Thanks Nana, OA, Jeanne, Luvs, Karen, Candy, and Jane!

I forgot to mention that all the original oils were yard sale finds and very inexpensive. Most were $2 - $7 each including frames. I have lots more and none over $20.

I almost hesitate to tell anyone I buy books strictly for decor as I *am* a reader and it somehow seems sacrilegious to do so! However I can't resist a nice hardback that's a color I can use as a riser especially if they are free or less than $1!

Karen, that's nice of you to say you missed me. I've missed participating altho have occasionally lurked but it's been an exhausting summer. I'm not the one who sent you cookies. Must be someone who has your address tho. I guess you don't want to hear that I also have plate shelves (and not just plates on them) on 3 walls of the great room and one wall of the DR - they really are wonderful ...dust collectors! LOL

Jane, I've bought many lamps for very cheap prices. The shades on those still had the cello wrapping and the bases had price tags only partly removed so I'm sure they were never used. My DH spray painted them and I may highlight them with rub n buff... sometime - they'd look better.

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LG, great to have you back posting. Everything looks great and your wire roosters and wall grill with everything else look so neat. Enjoyed all your plates and paintings too.

We'll enjoy you when you can be here but don't work to hard.


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Thanks Punk. Fall gardening is not completely over yet but I'm taking it easy and it's rained enough I don't have to water like I did all summer.

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Very nice and such great finds, too! I especially like your new lamps and roosters, LG!

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