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cookingbuffMay 26, 2013

I have to make a decision on my appliances and I'm stuck! I plan on getting the advantium 240 and need a 30" wall oven below. I am interested in the Wolf or the Electrolux and now I read on this forum that both have problems with the porcelain flaking. Can anyone give me some insight to the problem, or any other suggestions? I understand the wolf will be coming out with the M series oven but I cannot wait until next year. Thanks for your help.

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We have seen only one recent post about a porcelain problem with the Electrolux, and if memory serves me right, that post is about an oven made in the 2009-2010 time frame, where Electrolux did have a few porcelain failures,. although no where as serious a problem as the recent Wolf problems.

When You consider that Electrolux ovens are sold at about every Sears store, as well as many other appliance stores, and they are about half the price of the Wolf, one would deduce that Elux sells far more ovens than does Wolf, (at least I deduce that), so % wise, based on % of units sold versus those with porcelain problems, I think its safe to say, the problem was much smaller with the Elux ovens.

Actually, you can find porcelain failures for just about any brand of oven that was made back in 2009-2010. Most that had the porcelain problems had the blue interior, but NOT ALL.

Quite a few of us have Elux ovens here in Garden Web, I would invite you to review the "Recent posts" ovens made 2011-till today, and make the comparison yourself.

Mine is 7 years old and has never had a porcelain problem, but if it did the bottom of the oven just lifts out,---unfortunately that feature has since been removed from the newer Elux ovens, really a shame, as it makes it easy to clean, as we do not self clean ours--to me just a waste of power.


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I bought my electrolux ovens 2010, and mine have never given me any trouble at all. I've run the cleaning cycle a few times, but not regularly, maybe once a year. I've been very happy with the performance. I've written plenty of posts on them, if you'd like details, or you can PM me. :-)


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I have the advantium 240 and Wolf e series - so far OK but I will be watching the porcelain, especially after my next cleaning. They look great together. My other choice was the elux and I went with the Wolf as I heard about porcelain problems with the elux. So keeping my fingers crossed...

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I chose a Gaggenau oven for the same reasons you set out. There are no problems with the blue finish that I could find and the price was certainly comparable to Wolf.

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