Recoating acrylic countertops

loves2readMay 12, 2012

I was reading a Kitchen/bath magazine a while back and saw a new product used to recoat Formica or "fake marble"/acrylic counter tops...

you would put down some type of adhesive coating/sealer and then add dry particles--

let them dry--maybe sand them (can't remember)

and then put some type of clear sealer over them

I need something like that and can't find anything when I google for the kit

we are buying older home in FL as vacation house and both bathrooms are original--the master has some really ugle brown/white swirl acrylic counters/sinks and soaking tub...

we can't afford to redo the baths right way but I would certainly love to change the look in the master bath...

the guest bath has original Kelly green tub/toilet/shower and that is loud but funky--can work with it and just repaint...

This was more than just painting the countertop which is fairly easy to find on Google or YouTube...

any ideas about this other process/product???

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Is it something like this?


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no--I actually found the process I was looking for on Amazon by accident--
and read some of the reviews from users...doesn't sound so attractive now
mainly because the kit does not really cover amount of countertop that it advertises--
so you have to buy more to do what you need--thus raising price to where it is about same for cost of Formica...

Any suggestions for what to use to paint/recolor some pretty old/unattractive "fake" marble bathroom counters with molded sinks, and a Roman soaking tub?

this is in home we are buying in FL--
we won't use it full time
and it is functional/clean now--
just looks really dark and ugly...

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I suggest you call up some of the local bathtub refinishing places and see if the acrylic can be painted with their commercial equipment. It's probably the cheapest and most cost effective process around. Be careful maintaining it and it should last for years, and can always be redone.

Check references carefully. Because 'refinishing' is really painting, prep is EVERYTHING. Pay attention to what they tell you for maintenance, and touch up nicks immediately.

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