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You can be said to have chutzpah when you re-gift an item back to the person who gave it to you.

About 3 weeks ago, I found this wheelborrow on my porch. A friend had brought it all planted and

decorated with fall items. There were so many plants and do-dads, that when I began to transplant some

of the plants that were not doing so well, I found MORE plants hiding under bigger ones.

One of the decorative items was a pair of witch shoes. They looked to me as though they really

wouldn't have withstood daily watering, so I removed them.

Then I came across some witch plaques on the internet and copied the basic idea using

the shoes from the wheelbarrow planter. When finished, I re-gifted it back to my friend.

Now I have one and she has one.

It's over 100 degrees here today and is forecast to remain that way for the next couple of days. Then it will cool to the mid 90s.

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WOW...I mean W O W! What friends both of you are to one another. That wheelbarrow was beautifully decorated for you! I loved it. And sounds like it was really loaded with goodies! How wonderful.
Then your crafty lil' mind kicked into gear, as usual, and what you came up with is delightful. And so perfect for a
pair of friends!

Your weather is identical to ours. Ugh.
hugs, Karen

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Ooh ooh ooh, I love them both, but the witch shoe decoration is precious!! The wheelbarrow looked amazing. What a fun gift.

I like your version of chutzpah!!


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OA, your witch shoe on the plaque turned out really cute! I know your friend will love it too. Your friend really loaded up that wheelbarrow for you, what a wonderful gift!

I had picked up a pink ceramic high heeled boot for 50 cents on a recent "treasure shopping" trip just because it was cute and cheap. I actually have a similar one on a shelf in the guest room with a flower arrangement in it, so I spray painted this one black and want to do a little Halloween arrangement in it. Don't you think this will make a cute sexy witch's boot?


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Yep, Luvs, that's a perfect witch boot! Are you doing more painting on it, or 'glossing' it up?
I have one of those Victorian boots too that's a vase, it was my Mom's. So I can't bear to paint it. Its brown at the bottom and creme at the top. Maybe I'll stumble on one I can paint someday tho. I seem to be getting interested in witch stuff now. Last year I had the homemade witch tree...branches painted black, witch hat ornaments I bought off Etsy. Then I bought that silly ceramic witch bust, Miss October. LOL. Now I have those purple glittered witch boots.
Hmmm...if the shoe fits....

hugs, Karen

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OA, your planted wheelborrow is wonderful and the shoes you made into plaques are amazing. You are sooooo talented and this was such a great idea.

Luvs, your boot will be darling for Halloween.


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Oa...what a wonderful gift! Wow...a full wheelbarrow!!! Love what you did with the shoes ...did you get a Cricut machine, like luvs...the lettering looks so good! But knowing you're a retired teacher, it could be free-hand! TFS! your painted boot, too...that will be cool...looking forward to how you use it...thinking B&W t'scape! LOL! Jeanne S.

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Great witch boot. You're going to be able to make a very sexy arrangement with it.
And to think - the vase only cost 50 cents. Don't ya just love it?!!!

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OA The wheel barrow was great gift, and I love what you did with shoe and plaque how fun!
Luvs I can't wait to see what you do with that boot!

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What a great wheel barrow and a great friend. I want a witches boot. That is sooooo cute, so now I'm on a witch boot hunt.

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What a great friend you have to surprise you with a gift like that . . . WOW! It was beautifully done, too. Your idea for the witch shoe plaque is so cool and it turned out wonderfully . . . BIG congrats!

Luvs, I LOVE your redone witch's boot! I would have never thought to repurpose a pink ceramic boot vase like that, and now can't wait to see it finished!

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The witch shoe with the plaque is cute.
I love the wheelbarrow, nice friend!

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Both very cute arrangements - I wonder if this will start a trend of re-gifting back and forth!

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Great gifts to each other..
Those plants were amazing ... and clever you to think
of just the right thing to regift. Love the plaque...what a cute idea.

Luvs...that Pink Boot is so 'Hot' >> and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the 'Sexy' one!


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