Candy Wrapper Sealer

jodie218May 9, 2007

Hello Everyone.

Recently while looking at sites I saw a link for someting that crimped and closed the paper to make SEALED wrappers. Does anyone have any ideas where to find this? Or another method to seal them?

Thanks, Jodie

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Jodie, i make them all the time. Just did 200
for granddaughters graduation party. I use double faced
tape and i found the best to use is the kind you get to put
the window coverings (plastic) in the winter time. You can buy just the roll of tape and it holds real well. Haven't seen the crimper.

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Looks like patches_02 covered it really, I use the double faced technique too.

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I use the double sided tape as well, and then I use my scrapbook crimper to crimp the edges.

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