Calico Bear Alphabet

gagmaMay 31, 2004

Does anyone have a site for a Calico Bear Alphabet? I use to use a site a few years back but only for spelling BABY. Now I'd like to use some other letters but can't find the site. Thanks for your help in advance.

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I did a google but couldn't find one.

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Any chance you could post a sample so we know what we're looking for? I too went thru a bunch of alphabet sites but didn't find anything I recognized as "Calico Bear". Also, what are the file names of the letters you do have? Sometimes the way files are named gives a hint to who made them or where they are from.

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I only downloaded the letters for baby at the time.
I renamed them, guess that was a bad idea.
Thanks for your help.
Maybe I come across them again.

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