Inside or Outside Decor...that is the ???

jeannespinesSeptember 29, 2010

It's been a beautiful Fall week here the past few days so trying to enjoy Fall inside & out! Here's a couple pics of just a simple metal leaf I filled with the "same white pumpkin stuff" that frou did in her very lovely, lovely dining area (except I used the pinecones & added some weird nuts, too!) LOL!


Full view of the leaf on the luggage-looking table that I've had for quite some time (always wanted another but never found one again)...sunshine coming thru the window:

The bulk of my day I was outside painting on my Potting may have seen this...I can't remember...anyway, added a twig basket with a few garden gourds & the last green pepper...added Curly Willow sticks in the potting table window opening & the painted grape window is in the bkgrd (painted by my friend)...I love it:

Of course, in this side view, you can see the Blue Bottle fence ...moved my Boston Fern out there...freeze coming this weekend:

I tried to leave some of the "chippy" old worn look:

Here's full view of the potting table:

And here's the WHOLE Fall vignette of potting table, blue bottle fence & grape window:

Ok, I'm done for the day...but working on a t'scape for Oct 2nd...Guardian Angel Day! LOL! TFlookin'...Jeanne S.

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Everything is so pretty. The leaf bowl is wonderful, and I like how you decorated it. That trunk table is unique!
You know how bad I want to sit out in your yard, so don't need to tell you that for the umpteenth time. LOL.
Your potting bench is one of my favorites of all the GJ ones.

Send me some Fall weather, please! This heat wave hitting the southwest is ridiculous. Even LA was hotter than us yesterday and that's pretty awful.

hugs, Karen

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Wow, gorgeous arrangement, fabulous table and your yard is amazing.
I agree w/Karen, we should all be sitting and sipping some iced tea out there.


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slinkey did such a nice job on the metal leaf arrangement. I like the combination you used.
I just love your potting table. It has such character to it, and I'm glad you left it 'chippy' rather than paint it opaque.
All of the photos of your outdoor spaces could be 'magazine shots'! Everything is just beautiful.

You're saying frost this weekend...ugggg
We've been having temps in the 70's and I'll take it for as long as it comes. They're saying New England will have a much colder winter this year...and I'm definitely NOt looking forward to that...
Wish I could be like a bear and hybernate till Spring!


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Jane, hibernating wouldn't be near as much fun as moving to Phoenix for the winter months. Think SHOPPING.

hugs, Karen

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Shopping...Shopping...did I read correct????

oooooh you rent out? !

I have a friend who lives in New Hampshire. He just emailed to say 'ByeBye'..we're off to SC for the winter...grrrrr
With Fall colors all around, 'I'm looking Pur-Teeee Green' right now! lol


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Jeanne, I love it all. Pretty leaf bowl and perfect with the gourds. Weird nuts??? At first I thought they might be acorns--but look a bit different. Love your luggage style table, it's wonderful. And your old door turned into a potting bench is great. Love how the path leads right up to it. Gosh, I can't believe it's time for frost already, seems like summer went by way too fast, didn't it?
Thanks for sharing your lovely things and your yard with us. Luvs

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Jeanne, your arrangement turned out very nice in the metal leaf sitting on that wonderful luggage piece. It is so unique. DF who's moving told one of the gals to throw her old wooden ironing board in the dump and they ran to me and ask if I wanted it. Now all I have to do is decide what I want on it.

Your green pepper looks pretty darn neat with the green gourds and the grape window is wonderful. I don't remember your potting table but that is really neat. Is that a door with arched windows behind it? You really know how to decorate inside and outside, woman.

Really like your blue bottle fence back there.

Did you move your Boston Fern out there so it would freeze this weekend.LOL Made me look twice and laugh. It's a beauty so knew you were typing fast and didn't mean it like that. DM had beautiful ferns and I killed every last one of them. I think it's my heat in our home and they didn't care for it.

Can I come over and enjoy your beautiful yard with all the others? It looks like a nice place to sit and relax and forget about everything else. Right now I could sure use that after running up and down the stairs all afternoon loading the UHaul in 80 degree weather.

I have to tell you about this old wicker baby buggy for sale a couple of weeks ago. It had the wooden spoked wheels and in perfect shape. I thought of you and Babydoll the minute I stepped in there. The problem... sticker price $500. I'm guessing I will have the chance to see it for awile at that price. Have you seen these?


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Jeanne, The trunk table is wonderful! the arrangement on top is perfect for it. I love your potting table, the blue bottle fence.I love it all. Your yard looks so peaceful and inviting,I could spend hours there! When is everyone coming?

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That trunk table is very special indeed. The leaf bowl is tops it off nicely. It's funny we all seem to be into white pumpkins this year. Your gourds are super duper on your potting table. This is the saddest time of year for my yard, I need to do some decorating to frou-frou it up. Your large yard is always lovely, you can tell y'all put a lot of work into it.

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Absolutely lovely backyard setting. Your stone path is so cool. I love that it goes right to the potting bench. I love the gourd/green pepper combination. The greens work well together. I especially love the little white gourds. So fresh looking. The frost deal.....really bums me out. I am going on vacation next week, so I spent last night moving pots up by the house. I was so enjoying this weeks weather !!! LOL !!! Thanks for sharing.


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Love your new arrangement, Jeanne! The white pumpkins work sonderfully in it. Your backyard is just lovely. If you get a moment, will you share a few more pics of it?
Love, love, love your potting bench and I am pea green with envy over your trunk table! OMG, it's fantastic!!!!!

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Thank you, holiday-ers! That metal leaf I robbed from my bedroom wall...I learned that trick from you "Enablers R Us" here on the forum! The luggage looking table has 3drawers & a lift up top...the design is fluttering butterflies on it..>I fell in love with it when a Tues Mornings opened in our area ...but closed in about a yr...loved that store!

karen, candy, punk &'d all have to join me on the porch cause those nasty "no-see" little black dots of a bug are here now & the Asian Beetles (lady-bug like things) arrived yesterday, too! So not pleasant to sit out there in the sunshine right to keep moving! A frost will help....80 yesterday & frost coming tomorrow night.

Jane, frou, calico, lynn & luvs...thank you...glad you enjoyed the "outdoor Fall" pics, too. I am pleased with that potting table...DH & I made it a few yrs bk, an old door, old enamel table from a machine shed on a farm & added the shelf boards to it & a wood window box on the bk of the door. Paint didn't hold up after 2 yrs & so I wanted to make sure it didn't rot already!

Is a sad time of the yr when everything dies off (like frou said), but cooler weather for PM is on the way! Yay! If she's got rooms for rent, I'm joining you, jane! LOL! And, punk, The Boston Fern is coming bk to porch...duh to me on my wording above! Lynn...will post to link to some more pics soon. Thanks, everyone. Jeanne S. (gee, I've rambled on too long here!)

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Don't forget "It's beautiful this time of year in Texas"
Not as beautiful as Jeannes' yard, but all you cold weather folks need to come on down!! Jeanne, I will let you talk to my fern so it will become as lush and lovely as yours! I also have a blue bottle or two in my junk stash that you could add to your fence!
Hugs to you all,

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Jeanne, all you decor is lovely! I, too, love your potting bench!
It is still very warm here, not a bit of change yet. We still have the a/c on, unusual as tomorrow is Oct!

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What a great eye you have for arrangements. Wall or table - that leaf is very handsome.

I have MY eye on your trunk/table. That is a wonderful piece. My local Tuesday Morning is gone too.

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Marlene Kindred

Well, with all of these beautiful white pumpkins people are using this year, I'm going to have to go shopping soon. Love the arrangement in the metal leaf Jeanne! Beautiful decorations all around!

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