Hunting for a specific greeting card software

mylab123May 18, 2004

I need an easy to use software for greeting card making that would feature the art of the Grand Masters, such as Renoir, Monet, Picasso etc. on the front of the card. Can anyone tell me of a software that features this? I so appreciate any advice - I really don't want anything complicated or fancy, if I could just find the simplest but a good software that has this function (even if it's all the art it offered!) that would do it for me.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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If you know the name of the artist and picture you want to use on a card, and already have some software you are comfortable using for cards, just go to the Google Image Search and find the picture, copy it, and paste it into your softwre. The link below is a search for Gainsborough's Blue Boy to show you an example...

Here is a link that might be useful: Search Results for Gainsborough's Blue Boy

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dumb question...........I know how to copy and paste but how do I paste it into my card program? thanks for your input.

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Find the graphic you want to use. Click Copy. Open your program and open the file for your card that you are creating. Place your curser inside the card area and click paste.

Sometimes you have to save to disk and then use your insert tool. Do you know how to do that? Hope this helps.

Linda in Wyoming

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Linda, I was determined to figure out how to paste a picture to my card program, I could have drove 22 miles and to and back home with a card before I finished this one. But, now I have a personalized card with a picture that I had no access to before today for a card. I have found that many of the pictures are tiny postage size snapshots and when you enlarge the picture so much that the quality of picture is not good. Also when I right click to copy that on a lot of the pictures I was not allowed to right click and copy. Then trying to get the picture into the picture album so that I could select it was a chore. I guess I thought I knew more than I do... I did get the card made.

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