Falling For Fall - Soup X2 Is On

phonegirlSeptember 15, 2012

I finally had a little time to change out some of my decor to fall. Thanks to all here for the inspiration. Will probably add the tureens to the china cabinet when I bring in more fall.

All of the dishes, napkins and pm were gifts from my Dear Family & Friends. Napkin rings, w/matching napkins and pm were $1, I'll try to use the napkins and pm on another ts to share with all of you. The tablecloth $2 and the cp candle set $1, from ys this summer. Hydrangeas are from my garden after replanting for years instead of giving up.LOL

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Looking soooo good, Punk! Those 'square' scalloped plates are really neat! And the top plates so pretty and delicate. The tablecloth is really something with the border of big leaves!

Can you tell...I like it ALL. ;o)
hugs, Karen

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Once again the sisterhood of the like-minded decorators strikes again!!
I have those same leaf placemats, but bought mine a couple of yrs ago at Big Lots for full price. You got a real steal on those! I also have 3 of those rattan chargers and am still looking for a 4th. Also, I have 4 of the cream colored scalloped plates that I found at a TS in the mtns on one of my business trips. Then, I have a large pumpkin soup tureen, although I don't have the cool leaf handled ladle.

So, I guess I am saying we are certainly kindred spirits and obviously, I like everything on the table as I own so many similar items.

This is certainly saying "FALL" in a beautiful way and I guess you ladies are convincing me to get out my fall decor.

I actually like the fall decor, I just hate to see summer go!

Beautiful table and very well arranged.


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Ohhh...I am lovin' the the t'cloth w/scalloped lacey border leaves!! That was a steal ..a deal!

Are the plates on top 'bittersweet?' They look so pretty. Fall is my fave for dishes ...cause I collect Jewel Tea (as you know) ...so I love seeing diff versions of Fall...& your place setting dishes are great!

Love the pumpkin bowls (or custard cups @ each place ...& also the big pumpkin tureens! Sweet! Yes, Fall is here (I think) ...love it, punk! Jeanne S.

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Love your table, Punk
I'm sorry to see summer go, but your table is making it easier to welcome Autumn. Your tc is the perfect backdrop for this pretty table.
I love how you layered the place settings. The plates are really elegant.
I'd like those napkin rings please.
The pumpkin tureens and soup bowls are great, and the pieces you added to the buffet are perfect.


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Marlene Kindred

How cool are those plates and soup tureens?? LOVE them ! The placemats look great with the whole setting...everything looks just great!

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Wonderful buys Punk! That tc sets the 'stage' for this pretty Fall scape! I too love the leaf border and also those leaf placemats. Pretty layering on the dishes and Love the pumpkin bowls and pumpkin tureens.
I'm glad you got some time to do a scape...
I know you've been so busy this Summer.
This was nice to see and also an inspiration!


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Very nice. May I ask the name of the salad plate pattern with the flowers?

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Karen, I know you love fall and your helping me get into it more and more every year.LOL

Candy, I sure hope you start decorating for fall soon. I love seeing how many things we all have alike on here. If I wasn't so busy with work, I would try to make up a calendar for different scapes we could all do different months. Seems like we all feed off of each other so well! I found three little cowboy boots that hold a dish that I need to share with all of you. Not that special but pretty cute. Ready to send me your plates to go with so I can set a table?haha

Jeanne, the top plates are 222 Fifth PTS "Leah". Did I tell you I came across a few 'Jewel Tea' dishes at an estate sale this summer? If I remember correctly, there was maybe 5 pieces for $100. Yep you guessed it, I came home empty handed.Sigh

Nana, should I send the matching pm and napkins?LOL I see that you have another post that's calling me so I'm excited to check it out. Your so great to keep us entertained!

Marlene, thanks so much for being here with us and always commenting. Now it's my turn to check out your post.WOOHOO

Jane, I so miss all your wonderful decor and ts. Was great you had time to share a few with us this summer. You do such an amazing job and we miss it when your not here inspiring us.

Fun2BHere, it's wonderful to have you here posting with us! The top plates as I mentioned above to Jeanne are 222 Fifthe PTS International 'Leah' Fine Porcelain China.

Thanks for all you wonderful comments ladies. Your the Best bunch ever. Hope this forum picks up and more continue to join in. Oh forgot the tan dishes are Tabletops Gallery 'Isabella'. FYI, the tureen on the right and the bowls are a set.


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Thanks for the warm welcome and the information on the china pattern. I love dishes and linens, but I've only viewed tablescapes, never setting up any of my own. Even when I'm setting up for a special meal occasion, I don't use the various layers of dishes like one can use when setting up a tablescape for decorative enjoyment. So, I was thinking it might be fun to drag all of my items out sometime and play around with some different decorative settings. In the meantime, I continue to enjoy all of the efforts of posters here and on various blogs.

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Very pretty and inspiring. Love the fall design on the salad plates and the shape of the square ones too. That tablecloth is sure and eye catcher as well. Congrats on the flowers--I gave up, just too hot here maybe. Luvs

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