Elux ranges - 'baking drawer'

hokie98May 19, 2014

I'm looking to replace my range and am considering Elux & Bosch (or maybe Bosch Benchmark). I just read a review about an Elux slide-in range that mentioned the 2nd oven, aka "baking drawer" isn't much more than a toaster oven/higher powered warming drawer. The post said there was a thread about this, but I can't find it. Comparing it to a toaster oven isn't all that bad, IMO. I use my toaster oven alot to heat up things for the kids (much faster than heating up the oven if it's something small). I was just trying to get some real-world feedback on the baking drawer. How well does it work? Does it heat up quickly, etc? If that drawer heats very quickly and can cook something at about 350, that could be a game changer (as I could free up counter space by eliminating the toaster oven!). For me, that's one of the difference between Elux & Bosch for slide-in ranges.

Thanks so much!

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The quip about the Elux's lower oven being "warming drawer with delusions of granduer" came from weedmeister and Co-Co in the middle of this thread. (I'd like to claim credit for the nice turn of phrase, but credit should be given where it is due.)


Co-co, chac-mool and other owners have posted about the lower oven in several threads including these:



hope this helps.

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I can't claim the delusions of grandeur, but agree!

I rarely use mine, but it does come in handy in a pinch when cooking a large meal with different temperatures. I, like you, thought that perhaps it would act more like a toaster oven and heat up quickly given it's smaller size... I have not found this to be true. In fact, it might heat up slightly more slowly due to no convection. I've never bothered to test it.

As reported in other threads, I have baked a pie, pizza, and some other dishes in it. I prefer the bigger oven and use it 99% of the time.

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Okay, couldn't resist the experiment! Lower warming oven (from cold start, big oven not on) took 13:38.27 to reach 350.

*note: this is on 40A circuit, as we didn't change it to 50A. I think that only matters for the stovetop, but just in case I thought I'd add that info*

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Thanks so much JWVideo & Co-Co.

But 13-1/2 mins to preheat...yikes! The very quick preheat is one of the primary reason I use my toaster oven so much. In 13-1/2 mins, my kids could already be eating their chicken nuggets I cooked in our (less than grandeur) Oster toaster oven! :-)

Thanks again for the help. Now I know that when looking at the pros and cons of each range, the "second oven" isn't exactly a strong 'pro'. I'd have to imagine it's also quite a pain to use since it's practically on the floor! Thanks again for the insight!

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Co-Co, thanks go the real world data. I agree with the OP that is way too long for regular toaster oven like use. I had hoped to replace my toaster oven with a double oven range + microwave drawer but might reconsider the more expensive speed oven+single range combo.

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