Air Tub Reviews?

teddytoesMay 3, 2006

I am interested in putting in an air tub in my new master bath but am a bit overwhelmed as to which manufacturers are the best. I know that Bain Ultra is supposed to be top-notch, but they are also very pricey. Does anyone have or know anything about Toto, MAAX, Oceania, Am. Stnd., Kohler, others?

Thank you.

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We just purchased a Bain Ultra air tub for our remodel. It is the Amma oval 72. We paid about 2600. A local showroom gave us the contractor price. It really is a pretty tub. We liked the simplicity and look of the integrated arm rests and the built-in grab bars for when we get old. The clean aspect sold us, no old water sits in pipes.

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Hopefully in 6 months I'll be able to tell you how much we enjoy the new Bain Ultra Meridian 60. ;-) I chose the Meridian 60 because it is a two person tub, which will allow me to face in either direction and be comfortable. Only one backrest is heated however. I chose Bain Ultra because I read that they were the original and have a great reputation. I agree, they are pricey though. I think homeclick priced the meridian 60 at about 1,900.00 I'll see how much it is locally.

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Just installed an Aquatic Serenity 5 and I love, love, love it. Why?
1. Bubbles are much stronger than I expected. I rarely use the bubbles on full blast because it's almost too much.
2. Lots of bubble options (high, low, pulse, wave etc.)
3. Built in raised seat (maybe 2" high) with air channel underneath that shoots bubbles behind the thighs. Some tubs only have the air outlets around the perimeter of the tub floor (does that make sense?)
4. The built-in chromatherapy light is not a feature I was looking for (the tub came with it) but now I can't imagine taking a bath without it.
5. Very, very, very comfortable.

To make my decision, I was looking at Jason, Acryline and Aquatic then narrowed it down to Aquatic and Acryline and chose Aquatic for price. Apparently Acryline is only making airtubs now and has been doing so for a while so it's apparently an area of expertise. I also wanted the exposed holes vs. the buttons because with small kids, I was concerned they might try to remove the buttons.
Hope that's helpful.

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I just finished a bath remodel and now have an Aquatic Serenity 4 (smallest size, with grab bars and arm rests). I love how deep the tub is, the colored light, and the bubbles. My kids ADORE the tub and want to take two baths a day. A few drops of bath soap and you have tons of bubbles. Is also a great soaking tub. My only negatives are the air tends to cool of the water and feel cool against the skin, and the tub is pretty narrow, which is ok for me because I'm a smaller woman but would be too confining for a larger person. I have a tiny bathroom so this was great for me but if you're looking at 5' x 32" type tub, you might want to go for no arm rests or grab bars to get more square inches of space to sit. I ordered my tub on line from and Ted the owner was terrific. Answered the phone on the weekend to deal with an urgent question, and Fed Ex'ed a part I received in the wrong color.

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We wanted to put in a whirlpool tub because I going to have my second back surgery, and soaking in a tub really helps. We just had an estimate done, and the person said we would be better off with an air tub. For those of you who have used them, do you think they are better than whirlpool tubs?

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Yes I like an air tub much better than a whirlpool. Cleaner for sure and I like the way the bubbles are everywhere!!! In the former whirlpool I had only the parts right in front of the jets were "treated" and spent alot of time getting in bizarre positions to have them work on my parts that needed it......

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I like the toto lloyd air tub I think its really pretty and works well, its pretty big though so i would only recommend it if you have the space.

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looking at buying either a bainultra thermal 5 or a aquatic serenity 5 air bath. Any suggestions? We want one with good chromatherapy where you get bright colors not light-hued water. Any ideas?

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We have whirlpools by Trajet and are more than happy with them. They'll last you a lifetime. I can't say how their air tubs are, but if they pay attention to detail and quality as they do in their whirlpool tubs I'm sure you won't find any better. If you want info on their air tubs click on reference at the top left of the page I linked. They have PDF files you might find interesting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Trajet

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We're going with the Bain Ultra Sanos, a freestanding air tub, in the home we're building. Can't give you a review, as we're long from installing the tub at this point. But, we're very excited about it.

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This is interesting. We looked at Kohler air tubs today and we specified the Portrait 5.5' model. The dealer said she recommends air tubs over whirlpools every day. If you have the option of having a hot tub outdoors, then a whirlpool in the bathroom is redundant.

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what is the sanos?

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The "Sanos" is a sleek looking freestanding air tub. You can find it at the link below, listed under Balneo

Here is a link that might be useful: Bain Ultra

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I am installing a Jacuzzi (Riva) airbath on the third floor. It is a through-the-floor installation due to the sloping ceiling. Above the tub is a skylight.

Things I had to consider:
- weight with water and bather (re-inforce joists, etc.)
- maintenance access (from the kitchen below)
- proximity to water heater (installed tankless) though tub has on-board air heater/pump.
- overall dimentions for fitting in designated area
- separate electric circuit

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Barbara Richardson

I'm thinking of putting in a combo tub with both features, whirlpool and airbubble. I was thinking of choosing between Jason or Aquatic. Does anyone have one of those? Also with the airbubble tub, is there any difference between those with the buttons and those with the tiny holes?

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We are also considering a Jason combo whirlpool/airbath. I would love to hear from anyone who has used a "combo" product.

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We have a Jason Signature edition combo air/whirlpool bath and love it (just used it last night). We use both the air and whirlpool features frequently depending on what type of bath we want. If relaxing and soaking is wanted, we tend to use the airbath feature. If sore muscles are involved, we like the whirlpool feature. Personally, I can't imagine having to choose between purchasing an airbath and a whirlpool -- the combo solves it.

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Great to hear Gardenchick!!! That is exactly what I was hoping for!


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We have researched a number of "air tubs" and read many comments in the threads on this site. We have narrowed our choices down to two manufactures/models.

BainUltra Amma 6636
Oceania Providence 40

Our requirement of of greater than 46" length of inner basin and less that 68" outer length of tub focuses us on 5.5' tubs. We are leaning toward the BainUltra Amma 6636 because of style, integrated arm rest and grip rails. However, it seems that some sales representatives as well as the technician at Oceania believe that the air produced and injected into the Oceania tub is warmer and due in part to the use of a muffler, the Oceania turbine is quieter than the BainUltra system.

BTW: The BainUltra Turbine Spec. sheet suggest that a muffler is added to the turbine if you get the UR5002 remote option. Is this true? Does anyone have any information on it making a difference in noise level of turbine.

Is Oceania's injected air hotter than BainUltra's?
Is Oceania's turbine quieter than BainUltra's?
Is there a superior 5.5' tub manufacture/model we've missed?

Any decision support would be greatly appreciated.

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I've used the combo Americh Japanese soaking tub when staying at a hotel in Portland Oregon (Hotel Vintage Plaza). I loved it so much we're adding one to our master bath. The tub is a 32" deep soaking tub and can be either a single or double (or many other shapes if you don't want it this deep). Being in a hotel, the tubs get a workout and when I spoke with their maintenance folks, they said they really prefer them to any other tubs that they have seen. They're really great workhorses, with little problems (considering that not everyone follows the "no products rule" with whirlpools). The tub in the debth that I am getting comes in a 40x40 arrangement or 40x60 for a double. You literally sit in them, verses lay down, which is much more comfortable if you are not built specifically for the shape of a normal tub (I'm 5' tall and always have to brace my toes against the wall of a normal tub to lay down and not drown).

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Toto Clayton airbath with LED lights. It's very pretty, and the bubbles are much more powerful than I would ever need. I never really looked at any of the other products (Bain Ultra, Jason, Kohler, etc) b/c we fell in love with the Toto products right from the start. I'm glad that their construction and reputation are good too! :)

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I need to make this decision, and soon...

My plumbing supplier gave me a DVD from Bain that messed up my computer, had to re-boot twice. Didn't give me a very good look at the water in motion.

So, for all air tubers [tubbers? Which one isn't a potato?]:

On a 1 to 10 scale, with 10 being a hands on massage and 1 being a warm glass of club soda, how vigorous is your air massage, and what brand do you have?

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We have an Oceania air tub which I'm enjoying. We found out about the Oceania through the salesperson where we bought most of our faucets, shower & tub valves. After researching for many, many, months the Oceania met our criteria - needed a 60" tub due to space limitations, wanted an air tub for sanitary reasons and didn't want to break the bank for the tub. The jets are fine- at first, I thought the jets weren't strong enough, but after having them on for some time - I will turn the jets off to give my body a "rest". I leave the tub very relaxed.

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I just installed a Bain Ultra Ayoura and I love it. It is long and deep. The back is sloped perfectly for me. It came with chromotherapy which I think is kind of silly but I have to admit that it is really cool to turn out all the lights at night and have the tub lit in different colors. The only drawback is that my water heater is a tad small as this tub takes alot of water.

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I have a kohler air jet tub on order, not yet installed. I liked the bain ultra, but due to financial and time considerations (bathroom gutted), I went with Kohler which I could have in 3 days. I will let you know how it is.

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If a person has the choice, getting both whirlpool and air is great. I say this as a person with some back problems - getting the benefits of an outdoor whirlpool and then walking inside and drawing an air bath just isn't in the cards, for me. I suppose I could reverse these actions but it's nice not to have to.

The air bath works more like Swedish massage - it helps with back or other pain by stimulating the touch receptors in the skin, the nerves that transmit pain are thus somewhat interrupted. But the deeper pulsing of the whirlpool actually reaches muscle and connective tissue - more like lomi-lomi or shiatsu massage.

If I had to do without one or the other, AND I had a whirlpool in the yard, I might choose the air - but for me, the daily benefits of whirlpool are enormous, whereas the airbath's effects are more subtle. We do plan one day to have a spa tub in the backyard, but I just know I won't go out and use it daily like I would a hydrotherapy tub and during the rainy season, I wouldn't be using it at all.

I find that I can only be in a traditional whirlpool for a limited amount of time unless I am going to bed or will be inactive for awhile, whereas the air bubbles are more of an anytime thing. We haven't installed ours, I'm basing this on having been in outdoor whirlpools and hotel airbaths or whirlpools.

We found an excellent deal on a Jason Air/Whirlpool tub.

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My wife is 5'-4" and I'm 6'-2" and we're looking for a freestanding air tub that is long and deep enough so I can completely submurge yet is not too large so she is uncomfortable in it. The BainUltra Ayoura seems to fit our desires, except for the $8800 we've been quoted. Also the mti Haven and possibly the Aquatic Serenity Studio 23. I'd like at least a 17" water depth, and the Haven's 21" sounds good. Any comments on these models and companies would be appreciated, or other suggestions. I had no idea that there were so many bathtub manufacturers, or that freestanding comes at a much greater price than a drop-in.

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Having such a hard time finding the right tub. Really wanted to go with BainUltra due to quality, but cannot find a size (width) suitable for 2 people. Now thinking about the Kohler Portrait Bubble massage 5.5" length. Any one have experience with this? I was unaware about the advantages of a combination whirlpool/air bath. I have a bad back - should I be looking for this option? I currently have a Kohler whirlpool and thought it better to get a more sanitary air bath.

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I've been waiting to install a Bain Ultra for 5 years; finally ready to remodel the bathroom and I'm still interested in the same model: Oragami 60x30x22. I love the simplistic square soaking tub look. I'm so glad I came across this site because I was starting to have second thoughts. Also, I'm on order for the chroma therapy and it's so encouraging to hear that others think it worthwhile. Cost is $1750 + $375 for chroma therapy + $150 for drain. I'm ordering it in the next couple of weeks; hopefully the price hasn't gone up too much since last quote.
Wondering if anyone has this model and if it is comfy --

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My husband and I looked at several tubs and decided not to upgrade our existing older whirlpool and go with an Atlantispa home spa machine. the machine hangs on the wall and attaches with a large air hose to an infrared mat that adheres to the tub bottom. According to the company the ozone in the spa bubbles will kill any bacteria, even old bacteria in our existing tub. We've had the machine for a year and it's incredible. I've lost 12 lbs and nobody gets sick in our family. The feel of relaxation out of the tub is even better than the feeling we get at Glenwood hot springs. There is a definate slimming effect.

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We installed a Kohler air tub two months ago and love it. Our only beef is that its much deeper than the old cast iron tub and takes much longer to fill. We were concerned that bubbles alone wouldn't do the trick but its quite good on my bad back. Its not as loud as we thought it would be either.

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Great subject. We are building a new home and the decision for the spa tub had to be made this week. Originally we were going with the Bain Ultra Amma. We went to a hotel in Bellingham, WA which had this tub. It was so noisy and splashed water everywhere. Contacted Bain Ultra HQ and was treated in a rather snippy manner, but I was basically informed that it was an older model and they have improved. Yesterday I went to the plumbling supply store to get my model number and ran into a gentleman who used to work for MAAX. They have a regional factory right in Bellingham!! I had never even heard of them previously. The man took me over to the factory and they gave me a tour. I was so impressed with the features/benefits (many) the quiet motor AND comfort level I placed an order - on the spot for a Living oval 36 x 72. The factory was immaculate and the people working there were so enthusiastic and happy. Most had been there longer than ten years. I also found out that they are the top seller in Canada - they just do not have a great marketing program in the US. I urge anybody looking for a tub to check these out - go to their website - request a catalogue. I checked with my plumber and he said they are the most reputable brand. I cannot wait and will make another posting after installation.

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Graco,my husband and I have just started looking into getting an air tub and we saw a MAAX in a showroom today that seemed like it would fit our needs. We would love to know how you like the one that you had installed recently. Thanks for any information that you can provide!


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We have purchased a bain ultra. Does anyone know what products you can put in the tub? Because the water is not internal can you use a more thick type mud like at the spa? Any fun ideas are welcome. I bathe a lot and frequent the spa and still am having trouble finding info.

FYI- got ours by accident while buying faucets it has lite therapy, heated back rest and the sound system with headphones for 750.00 :)

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To drleslie; Where did you bet your Bain \ultra, This is what \i am looking for, but not for $1600 which is what \i habe been quoted.

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Where can one buy the atlantispa home spa? I can find info about it online, but not where to buy it. Lina1226 posted about it in April of 2008.

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I'm looking at a few air tubs. One being the Pearl bath air tub which has the air holes around the perimeter on the bottom, arm rests, 300w blower and multi-speed controls. Another is the Aquaglass which has holes around the perimeter but up on the side, 600W blower, single speed control. Yet another is the Jacuzzi Gallery, 600w blower, air holes around the bottom. What is more effective location for air holes.

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I'm trying to decide between the Pearl 6636 / Bain Ultra Amma Oval 6638 or Oceania Montagnard.

Any opinions on these three units?

Dave627, I was wondering if you went with Pearl, if so what made you pick it and how do you like it?

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Does anyone have a BainUltra TMU model? I'm looking at getting one but not sure about how comfortable it is. In looking at the picture, there appears to be a depression in the area where your back goes. There is not a showroom in my area (well, there is, but they don't display the TMU model) that I can see this tub and sit in it. If the price is any indication, this should feel REALLY good. Any help regarding comfort would be greatly appreciated.


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I thinking about putting an acrylic Kohler air bath in our bathroom and wondered if anyone has one. Our water is very hard and I wonder if it would plug the little airjets after a while...

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I'm trying to decide on a tub for our master bath and I like the look of freestanding, rectangular tubs. Any advice/experience/recommendations? The salesman I spoke with said rectangular is uncomfortable.
Also, I've sat in a few tubs in showrooms and they were all unconfortable - I assume this is because they're made to be full of water! Anyone else experience the same thing when tub shopping?
Thank you!

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I've noticed that all theses posts are from way before 2011. I am in the process of redesigning my master bath and will be buying an Air Tub. It is difficult to find any new ratings or reviews.
We are considering TOTO but can't find reviews. Anyone have one that can share their experience?

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DO NOT buy an Aquatic! We had an Infinity 8 installed about 4 weeks ago and have not been able to use it yet. Our contractor ran into poor design with the overflow pipe and intake water for the waterfall. There was a patched place in the bottom of the fiberglass. They sent a technician out to fix it..sort of. The leveling on the bottom was lopsided. The jets have not worked yet..they keep blowing the breaker. Tech was back today to order parts for that, then we had 2 small holes at the he is not sure he can fix. It will be 2 more weeks for parts to get here and still can not use my new tub. Quality control for a very expensive tub did not exist!!!

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Does anyone have a Mirabelle air tub? I am looking at the Bradenton Mirabelle, or the Azur or Basa BainUltra. Would love some info on anyones experiences with these air tubs.

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I have had nothing but problems with my Bain Ultra jet tub. Their customer service department refuses to honor their warranty and they do not stand behind their products. I'd stick to a reliable American manufacturer instead. The electronics and keypads are poorly constructed and you will be very unhappy and end up replacing the tub altogether. Hope this helps!

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Testamonials about Jason Internationals MicroSilk Bath:

November 11, 2011

To Jason International:

I would like to thank you for your demonstration of the Jason International�s MicroSilkTM system at the Best Plumbing Kitchen and Bath Showroom in Seattle, Washington, and all the assistance in making a bath to fit our home.

My wife�s long term skin condition, an itchy, red rash that biopsy showed it to be eczema was my motivation to purchase it. After using it twice a week for a month we not long had to use the prescription Triamcinolone actinide cream, except on some spots where her head and neck did not get below the water line. What a relief.

I too have had white dry scaly patches on my arms for years and after using the MicroSilkTM bath around eight times I realized they had disappeared.

When you consider the expense of the dermatologist and the prescription medication, we feel the MicroSilkTM was a wise investment, but, you can�t put a value on NOT ITCHING!

Happy Customer�

Grant J

To Jason International:

I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about my experiences with your Microsilk technology and to do that I should give a little background on me. I was eleven years old when I was diagnosed with Psoriasis. By the time I was in high school, it was what the doctors� label 'severe'. People in the 1970�s were less informed and more phobic about virtually everything, so I had some difficult years. I tried every kind of remedy on the market and by the age of fourteen, my parents allowed me to begin making all my own decisions related to my health. I took some risks with experimental medicines, endured some uncomfortable treatments and learned to live with it. Since 2001 I have used mostly biologic treatments involving IV infusion or shots along with oral medication that inhibits cell growth. For a variety of reasons I had to stop all medications in November 2010. By April 2011 my skin was totally out of control, my legs and arms were virtually covered with Psoriasis again. It was the worst it has been in many years. After a lifetime of dealing with this, I have a very high threshold of pain � but this episode was affecting everything from my ability to sleep to dealing with daily life.

As an executive in a Decorative Plumbing & Hardware firm, I was hearing talk about Jason�s innovative new product and the positive effect Microsilk technology can have on skin. I wondered what effect it might have on skin like mine. In May 2011 I began taking twice a week soaks in a Jason tub with Microsilk technology. The entire night after my first soak, my skin tingled for hours! The next morning the Psoriasis patches appeared to be less irritated, less red in color. After continued use, I found that while the Psoriasis did not go away, it reduced the irritation drastically and my skin began to feel softer. I was able to sleep better at night and was less on edge during the day. It had never occurred to me that part of the redness of the Psoriasis patches could be that bacteria was 'caught' in the layers of skin causing irritation and redness. Soaking in the highly oxygenated water truly has made great difference for me. While using Microsilk has not cured my Psoriasis, and my personal experiences are just that � personal and not a medical trial, I wanted you to know that Microsilk has positively impacted my ability to deal with Psoriasis. It�s really great to do something so healthy after a lifetime of chemicals! I am starting on a new medication, but will keep Microsilk as part of my routine because I feel it makes as positive an impact on my ability to deal with Psoriasis as the medication does.

Thank you for providing such a powerful ally in my personal fight with Psoriasis.


Mary A

Here is a link that might be useful: MicroSilk

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Does anyone since these last post have any comments to add to this subject. I am ordering my tub this week, sight unseen Aqautic....Would love to hear about your experiences with air tub.

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I am just learning of air tubs now. I have a chronic heart condition. Does anyone know if the air/water movement stimulates circulation for a person? I would think this would be good for cardiac patients. If anyone has any knowledge of this I would appreciate knowing. I will also ask my medical team if they know. I also wish to understand how the strength of the air/water movement is. I wish you to rate it if you would be so kind to help. 10 is extremely powerful, 5 being moderate and 1 hardly works at all. Thank you all. I am looking at buying this in about 2 weeks and it needs to be perfect. From what I have read here it sounds like it is well worth the investment for health as well as relaxation. Thank you for your guidance.

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Does anyone have or has anyone looked at the Jacuzzi BellaVista Salon Spa model? This has whirlpool and air tub features, is made in the US, and certainly a company that has a good reputation. Not cheap --- that is for sure, but I was looking to see if anyone has or has looked at this model. Thanks, B

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I heard a while back that Jacuzzi brand isn't the same quality as they used to be before the family sold the company. I don't know if that's true, but you see them in Home Depot now instead of bath shops. That doesn't mean anything is necessarily bad about them, but the name doesn't seem to carry the prestige that it once did.

The Jacuzzi family got back into the tub business, also in the US (Arkansas) under the name Jason (JA-cuzziSON). We are looking at a Jason air/microsilk tub for our bath. They aren't cheap either, but seem to be consistent with the competition. Their Integrity Series are their more moderately priced tubs and include air and whirlpool options but not the microsilk. From what I can tell, their biggest problem is not having very strong marketing. They seem to be the stealth tub brand.

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Does anyone own the micro silk tub

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Verna this thread is over a year old. Suggest you search for Jason or microsilk in the search bar, there are several threads about it that are more current.

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Since I couldn't find a place(s) to try out air tubs I scoured this forum for info when it came time to choose one for my Master Bath addition. I ended up buying an Aquatic Serenity Studio 19 Studio 19 Air Bath ( 66" x 36" x 22") because the price was good, the size was right for my space, and I wanted a really deep tub. I like the tub fine, especially the depth and the style, but if I could I would change a few things:

1. I would get a longer one (and redesign the room to make it fit!), both for my 6' husband and for me (5'-5"). I like to be able to stretch out in a tub and be covered in water up to my neck. I can do this in my 66" tub only diagonally or if the tub is completely full to the 22" depth, and filling it completely takes at least 25 minutes.

2. I would get a tub with air outlets on the bottom as well as the sides while making sure that the air coming out is quite hot. The air that comes out of mine always feels cool despite being warmed first, and it cools down the water fairly quickly. And I have outlets only around the bottom edge of the tub (I didn't want to sit on little nubs as some of the air tubs have).

3. I would look for a tub that allows more variation in air bubble settings. Mine is adjustable only from roiling to really roiling; there is no low setting for a bit of bubbliness.

4. The tub is quite loud, mostly from the movement of the water rather than the pump I think, so I need to get a waterproof speaker to play my relaxing music right in the tub, otherwise I have to blast it all over the bathroom.

Finally, I recommend the light/chromatherapy, which I totally didn't think I needed but which really adds to the pleasure of the bath.

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Anyone have any experience with this particular product? It's a 72" unit and I want to install it for my family member who is about 60" tall. She likes to do water exercises for arthritis but my concern is whether it will be too long for her to brace her legs on the frame once she becomes buoyant as the tub fills. The unit has 3 different ledges for the feet to rest on but it's hard to guestimate based on product photos whether it will achieve what I'm hoping.

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