Reuse old beadboard or chuck it?

AboutToGetDustyMay 13, 2012

Redoing our kitchen/bath/mudroom and had the contractor pull off all the mudroom beadboard and stash it for now. It's in great shape but it's stained. It's wide. Our small powder room will have grey & white hexagon marble floors, pedestal sink, and I want painted beadboard with wallpaper above. I've seen only narrow beadboard in small bathrooms...looking for pics of bathrooms done well with white wide beadboard. It would be great to recycle but I'm just not sure how it will look like painted white. Oh, and what finish paint (we have kids)? Eggshell? Semi gloss? Gloss?

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Why don't you paint a section white and see how it looks?

For bathroom woodwork, I'd go with a semi-gloss. It can be wiped down easily but doesn't show all the imperfections that a gloss does.

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I absolutely agree with billl: paint it and see how it looks. There are stain-blocking primers that could be used to cover the stains and perhaps you'll love the look. Often older building products can be better quality than what you typically find these days. And your bathroom may be even more unique and beautiful with original beadboard. I recently salvaged some baseboard (my home was built in the 1970s so nothing really cool) because I hated the thought of throwing away baseboards that I pulled out while replacing the flooring. They were in ok shape and a fresh coat of paint cleaned them right up. Saved me some time too since they're all cut to fit and I didn't have to re-cut them.

If you do decide that your beadboard isn't right for your bathroom, perhaps you can consider donating it to somewhere like Habitat for Humanity's Re-Store. Maybe someone else would like to re-use it.

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Thanks! Trying to design the kitchen, mudroom and powder room all at once while chasing little ones...I won't have time to paint a piece (although that's a great idea!) I may just go for it - I really would like it to work. Thanks! And if I chicken out, I will donate it. Good idea!

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