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debby_abApril 23, 2006

It's not my idea, I saw it on Debbie Travis' Painted House, or one of her other shows. You take a nice candid shot of someone with no background. Make it just a close up of their face. I like pictures where you're not smiling, sometimes not even looking at the camera, but at the ground or something, just in thought. Then turn the picture into either sepia tones or black and white. Don't leave it in colour. Print it on a sheet of transparency paper and put it in one of those floating frameless frames (you can buy them at Ikea). Don't hang them on the wall or in a window. You could hang them in the window if you like, but I have mine on a shelf and behind each picture there is a tea light. I've wanted to do this for a few years, even bought the frames about a year ago and finally have a picture of my daughter and myself that turned out perfectly! Now to get my boys and my husband to pose the way I want them to....... Men....... This could take many years.......

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Do you happen to have a picture...of the picture? I don't think I've seen those floating frames and we don't have Ikea here.

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I bought "floating" frames at a Michaels craft store. Google Michaels crafts to find a store.

These floating frames are getting popular so you'll probably be seeing them everywhere soon, i.e. the box stores.

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