Induction ranges Electrolux or GE?

hiltonMay 3, 2011

I am looking at purchasing either an Electrolux free standing induction range or the GE free standing induction range. The GE induction ranges are new to Canada and are actually the same price as the Electrolux. Has anyone had any experiences with either? I like the second oven drawer on the Electrolux but concerned about the cooktop configuration. It has so many more features than the GE but the GE does have a warming element and better configuration for the cooktop but it only has a warming drawer. Can a place two large fry pans on the two front elements on the Electrolux or are the elements too close together. Any advice?

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Search the model numbers (use the search form at the bottom of the page) to find other posts on these two induction ranges that may be relevant to your questions. I'm not familiar with the GE model, so can't compare these brands.

If you can get to a dealer that carries the E'lux, bring your frying pans to see if they fit on those two front hobs -- and also if the bottom of your pans fit the hobs; this is important with induction. And: your pans need to be magnetic, or you'll be buying new ones.

As for that second E'Lux oven, I use mine (I have the slide-in version of this range) mainly for warming stuff. This may depend on just what you're hoping to cook in that lower oven: Frozen pizzas are probably fine (on a pizza stone); cakes not so much... Some here have difficulty baking in that lower oven. Since I have a speed oven which I use more often anyway, its not a big problem for me.

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Good timing! Am shopping for the same, but slide-in. I was told by the guy at Sears there might be more brands emerging this summer (?). I wonder why there's no K'Aid, or any other slide-in induction ranges? I've tested the E'lux for my pots, but not 2 large frypans (can you actually do that on any 30" stove?)

Sorry to derail the thread, but chac mool: How is the clearance at the sides of your oven?
I'm planning a kitchen around this model, but have frameless cabinets planned. The specs say leave 1", can I get away with less (1/2, 5/8?) Did you use the optional back piece, or template your countertop behind the range?

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Hilton: I have the freestanding Electrolux. I spent tons of time and 3-4 trips to the store testing out pan configurations. When I was shopping I used the Fridgidaire induction floor model for testing my pans on because it has the same burning config but if Canada is just getting the Electrolux I'm guessing you don't have the Fridgidaire model either but thought I'd mention it just in case because it really helps to see it in person if you can.

I was very torn between the two options you mentioned. I have a large family and cook mostly from scratch with big pots so the burner config was a huge issue. However, I bake alot as well as the double oven was very tempting. WIth the Electrolux rebate it ended up being less than $150 (US) than the GE. I've had it for 2 months now. The burner config on the Electrolux has not given me any problem with my everyday cooking. I had 3 burners going a couple of times and I didn't have any problems getting the pots I needed to fit at the same time. I may have had a problem if I needed the 4th burner going because I don't have any really small pots and what I have may not have fit on that small burner with all my other large pots going. When I played around with my pots on the floor model, the only thing that didn't work was my stock pot (4 gallon) and my canning pot at the same time (one has a 12" rim and the other has a 14" rim) so I will have to buy a freestanding burner to use for canning but for everyday cooking I've had no issues.

I just went and measured my frying pans on the top edge (since that's the widest part). I can put a 9 1/2" and a 12" frying pan on the front two burning at the same time. I can't get 2 12" at the same time without one of them being rather off center.

As I've only ever had 1 oven at a time before I didn't know how much I would use the 2nd oven. I've found that having 2 oven is wonderful for how I cook and at least 50% of the time I end up having 2 ovens going at once. I've baked pizza in the lower oven (no stone) and it works great. Muffins and cookies get a little browner on the bottom than I would like because it's so close to the heat element. However, that same fact makes it perfect for roasting potatoes or veggies and so I do that down there quite frequently. I've also baked lasagne and brown rice and both turned out great.

And while I initially scoffed at the perfect turkey option because making a turkey is not very hard, I will say that it did a much better job than I have ever done and will use that feature anytime I cook a whole bird.

I've used a few other features as well and pleased with what I tried. So the bottom line is while the burner config is not optimal, it is useable enough that I can work with it for all the extras I gained over the GE model.

I did seriously consider the slide-in option though because it has the "normal" burner configuration as well as the extras for the oven but ultimately decided against that choice.

Co-Co: I do know there were some threads about installing the slide-in and clearance requirements and frameless cabinets. Use the search feature on the bottom of the page and search for Electrolux you should be able to find it.

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We have been using the GE Profile PHB925SPSS for about a month now and it has been FABULOUS! We did not require the baking drawer although it does have a warming drawer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Profile induction.

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Another thumbs up for Electrolux after looking at it, the GE and Kenmore.

Got a slide in and use a wide assortment of pots and pans with no trouble. The wave touch seems like a gimmick but it's great. Same with the perfect turkey (PT) feature. After years of perfecting my own PT the Electrolux's probe is about 90% as good but without all the prep and hassle I go through.

The top convection oven is terrific and holds heat better than any oven we've ever had. The ball bearing trays also seemed like a gimmick but they're really useful. Same with the bottom oven.

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co-co: I have the E'lux slide-in with frameless cabinets. My kitchen layout originally had 1/2 inch spacers on the sides of my range, but I had to change them out to 1 inch because with the 1/2 inch spacers I couldn't open the door on one side of the range. You might be able to get away with 3/4 inch... I had to change mine out after the cabinets had been installed, which was a real pain.

My experience with the lower oven is like chac_mool's. I NEVER bake in that oven. Things tend to burn on the bottom, so I keep a small rack in there that keeps things elevated off the rack another 1/2 inch or so. Of course, that further shortens the already limited height of this oven. I cook casseroles in that oven all the time, but I can't think of much else that I cook in there. Like chac_mool, I have a speed oven so we use that quite a bit.

I like the burner layout. I put a large fry pan and my stock pot on the front two burners all the time. How big of fry pans are you talking about? I much prefer cooking on the front of the range.

We've had a few issues with this range, but we LOVE it nonetheless. However, we graduated from electric coils, so of course it's going to top that!

Good luck!

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Thanks for all the input!

I can purchase the Electrolux for $300 less than the GE this month so with advise from everyone, especially cjzimmer, I am choosing the Electrolux. We couldn't get the slide in as our counters are 1/2 inch too short.

What are the smallest size pot/pan bottoms can you use on each of the burners? The manual says 5 " for the 6" right back burner, 5 3/4 for the 7 inch and 7 1/4 for the front two burners. Will they still work with smaller sizes? The other thing is height of casserole dish you can use in the lower oven.

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I can use a butter warmer (which I'm too lazy to measure right now) on the right back burner. The front burners are much less tolerant of small sizes...I have to use a pot that approximates that inner ring pretty closely.

Regarding the lower oven, you're likely to have to stack a second rack or something on top of the regular one to keep things from burning on the bottom. I have a pizza stone on the rack, which gives me 4'' of clearance to the top of the oven. (And things still burn.)

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I tried various pans on my slide-in E'lux. My smallest pan (4.75 inches of flat part on the bottom) works on all burners except the largest one on the front right. Interestingly, this pot works on the 3 burners even if the pot is 1/2 in and 1/2 out of the rings. My next smallest pot is about 6 inches flat on the bottom (it's hard to measure because the transition from bottom to sides is rounded) and it works on the largest burner. My largest stock pot works on all burners. From what I've read, using a pot that the range recognizes but is not within the two rings is fine, but just less efficient.

Casseroles in the bottom oven: I have to use foil to cover rather than the lid because the lid makes it too tall. None of my casserole / baking dishes fit in the bottom oven with their lid on. My tallest casserole, at 3.5 inches, fits fine without it's lid. As I said earlier, I elevate everything from the bottom with a small rack, which I looked at more closely, and it looks like it elevates it another inch off of the E'lux rack (the E'lux rack is barely off of the bottom oven floor). My 3.5 inch tall casserole does not fit with the extra rack, so the maximum casserole height is probably about 4 inches. I haven't had trouble with things in the bottom oven burning on the top, just the bottom.


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thanks for the info. I am going to order the range this week and then off to look at new pots and pans.

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There are a bunch of threads here with recommendations for induction-compatible cookware. You might want to search those before shopping.

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Hilton - did you ever get your induction range and new cookware? I've been looking at them for over a year and still haven't bit on one yet. I already have the cookware tho LOL! I bought Emeril stainless,made by All-Clad and its suppose to be induction compatible. It was much much cheaper than regular All Clad.

Hope you're still reading these threads! I'm anxious to hear how you like it!

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Could those of you who have electrolux and GE induction ranges please update your comments and reviews. How is the baking in these ovens? If anyone has baked in both of these ranges, I would be particularly interested to know if the
baking is even and if what is being baked cooks in the recipe's recommended time frame. Any problems using large pots?
If anyone has used both GE and Electrolux ranges, please compare the two appliances.

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I purchased the Electrolux for my beach house and the Emirl All-Clad cookware and they go together fantastically. It is a fantastic range and cooks very quickly. I highly recommend it.

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Thanks for all the input. I'm getting the Electrolux induction slide in. Unless of course I all the sudden get lots of negative input, LOL!!! I'm just going for it. Can't wait and will let you know how I like it.

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I was told last week by my local appliance store that the Electrolux free standing range (EW301F60IS) has been discontinued, and that the GE Profile is "the only remaining freestanding induction on the market" other than the Samsung which he strongly advised against considering.

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>>I was told last week by my local appliance store that the
>>Electrolux free standing range (EW301F60IS) has been
>>discontinued, and that the GE Profile is "the only remaining
>>freestanding induction on the market" other than the
>>Samsung which he strongly advised against considering.

You mean other than the KitchenAid, Viking, Maytag, Ilve, Whirlpool, Frigidaire? The freestanding Electrolux does seem to have disappeared from their web site (if it ever was there), although it is showing as still available through a lot of dealers.

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I have the GE slide in induction range - and love it! The oven is bigger than the Electrolux, that is one of the reasons I bought it. Cooktop is great - cooks evenly and fast, clean up is a breeze. Baking is fine. I highly recommend this wonderful range.
The warming drawer is a nice feature. Great when you have a crowd.

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