Help adjusting burner flame height -- Wolf AS30KI.

SuperWolfManMay 28, 2012

Hello, All,

I have a 1997 Wolf stove (Model # AS30KI) which I�ve just installed into my new kitchen. The stove was given to me by a friend, converted from liquid propane (LP) to natural gas (NG) and professionally installed. The conversion to NG was done professionally, and I have no reason to think that anything was done wrong. Both the oven and broiler work just fine.

The trouble that I�m having is with the burners (see the picture here: When the burner is turned on, and the flame is set to high, the flame reaches ~6-8 inches above the stove top. The flame on the left two burners is tipped yellow/ orange.

The outer burner head, or (�flame spreader�), seems to be have a flame coming out of each �hole� -- (it looks as I�d expect). At the inner burner head (flame spreader), the flame appears to go right around the burner head -- it does not go through the holes in the burner head (this does NOT look like I�d expect).

See this picture for an image of the flame:

Here�s what I�ve tried so far:

â The professional installation crew (also a stove repair outfit) suggested that the holes in the burner head (flame spreader) needed to be cleaned carefully. I used a finishing nail and cleaned out each hole, and then washed the burner heads in cold water.

â I�ve set the �air shutter� to the correct setting, following the instructions here:

Any idea on what may be going wrong?

Thanks in advance for all of your help!

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There are 2 separate orifices for your burners. The ones supplying the inner burner are too big. You need to contact the people who did the retrofit and get them to come back and put in properly-sized orifices for the inner rings of the burners. I do not have a manual for your range as it was made back when Wolf residential ranges were still made by the commercial manufacturer, but if the burner design hasn't changed, or if, specifically, the same orifices used today will fit in your range, then you need:

Part number 800882 Orifice, Inner Burner, Natural Gas

Order 4 of them.

The guys who did the NG mod likely put in too big an orifice on the front side of the burner, which is what controls the flow to the inner burner ring.

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