Electolux decision

starving_chefMay 11, 2012

Any input (good or bad) on model E30EW85GPS ... Thanks all

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I would be interested too. We are planning on ordering this one also. The only thing that I don't like is the edges of the stainless on the doors. It just feels cheap. like it's just tacked on. Otherwise I would also like to see what people have to say.

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Check out the post on appliance forum - electrolux double oven died after cleaning.

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Need help my Dacor is horrible. Have spent a fortune. The faulty buzzer is driving me crazy. I have to turn of breaker to stop it. Spent 200 last year and just spent $500 and now it is beeping again. It will be $129 just to come out and look at it. If it is the panel it cannot be fixed and I will be out the whole oven. It is about 8 years old. This is ridiculous.
Can anyone tell me about electrolux?

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b/c your subject line says Electolux instead of Electrolux? If people search Electrolux, they won;t find you....Though your post is at the beginning now, so I might be wrong. Just have been tripped up by the literal-ness of computers myself.

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Robin59, You don't mention if you have called dacor directly. If you haven't contacted customer service, you need to do so and document the call. There is no excuse for a $4,000 range to break after 8 years. Call or e-mail up the chain of command. Take pictures and document each conversation. I recommend asking nicely for a fix and if that is not possible, credit towards a new range.
They are a small company and can't afford bad publicity. What electrolux appliance are you asking about - model number and picture is helpful to be able to comment specifically one something. I am planning to buy an induction range from them.
One thing I can tell you is that electrolux does not allow retailers to discount their pricing. If they do, electrolux will not sell that dealer appliances for six months and places all their orders on hold. So, you will not get a bargain. The best way to achieve a discount is from rebates or bundling the purchase of several appliances from a retailer.

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