Need ideas for an Ornament Tree

OakleySeptember 28, 2011

But I don't want ornaments on it! lol

I have this beautiful ornament tree with an antique brass finish that I want to keep out all year long. Brass, copper and silver goes great in my living room.

Other than old greeting cards and ornaments, do you have any ideas what I could put on the tree?

I know people do put colored ornaments on them for Valentines day, etc., but I don't want to do that.

I may use it to put Christmas greeting cards on it, but I don't think I'd like the look of cards on it all year because they'll hide the beauty of the tree.

A thought just popped in my head. Pinecones! It would be "Fallish" also. I have a lot of pinecones in different sizes, but not sure which sizes I have.

If you can think of other uses for it, let me know!

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Dried flowers?

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What about some family pictures? Maybe you could find some inexpensive little frames at the dollar store. Cut some photos to fit and it would add beauty all year.

Pinecones sound like a neat idea tho. Would be nice to see a picture of it to get the mind going on ideas.LOL


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Paintergirl, this is hilarious!! When you suggested dried flowers I immediately liked the idea. Then when Punk suggested a picture of the tree, I went to get it, and I'll be darned. There's a dried Rose I put on it last year and completely forgot I had it on the tree! It's been in storage since last Christmas, when I hung ornaments on it, and the Rose was the "tree topper." lol

Only thing though, I'm not sure how I would hide the stems. Choosing the flowers will be easy, I'd probably use silk or dried stems.

Punk, I like the picture idea but I've seen picture trees before and I want something more unique along with being decorative.

Here's the picture. The tree is a LOT bigger than it apppears in the pic. I have a good camera and I have never figured out why objects in my pictures appear smaller.

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How tall is it? Your camera using wide-angle lens when you shoot a pic?

My first thought, 'pinecones'...of course, my name is jeannespines...but then I saw your pic...I think it needs pics (like punk said) ...but I'd go real small & use 'charms' like on a charm can get them at Hobby Lobby & print your own pics...I'd use 'sepia tone' ...also some pretty glass crystal drops would look cool on this tree or some glass 'icycle' ornies hanging. That mercury glass comes in so many ornaments now that maybe you could find something unique. Like for Christmas, have copper colored reindeer, acorns, pinecones, whatever. Just some thoughts...have fun! Jeanne S.

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That is really pretty....and I really like Jeanne's suggestions for it. I like the rose on top but wouldn't want to hide the tree using more floral. Tiny clip on birds would be pretty too with pinecones.

Looking forward to see what you come up with. It could be a lot of fun to decorate for the holidays and seasons I think.

hugs, Karen

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OK, that is not what I pictured. How about some little birds or butterflies. Some faux flowers have wired stems. Maybe you can work them into the base and then hide those with ribbon.
That's all I got for now.

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lol, paintergirl, what were you picturing? Oh, I bet one of those things that are shaped like a real tree where you put family pictures on them like a "Family tree."

Jeanne, it's 22" high, and I didn't use the wide lens. Doesn't it look smallish to you too? I can't figure out why. It makes furniture seem smaller also no matter how far back I stand from the object.

Don't you think charms would be a bit small for the tree? The tree needs a little bit of bulk to it.

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don't ask!

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From our C'mas inspiration albums...
I know you don't want ornament balls, but thought I'd show you these anyway since they are in copper, gold, and pearl.

A feather tree, but the garland of beads is a neat idea I think.

From the 'web'...
The ornament frames don't have to have family photos, you can print out any little picture to match
whatever holiday you want to decorate for. Tho I'd still add other embellishments besides just these.

Wrong colors, but the prisms and lg charms, and metal snowflakes all work nicely together. You could use the clear prisms and find copper instead of silver on the other.

hugs, Karen

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Cool pics, Karen! I like how they jeweled up those little frames ...could be pretty in copper & sepia printed! But this last pic of the silver tree...that pops! Great ideas! should be motivated w/ideas now! Jeanne S.

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Love the inspiration pics from Karen.
Some more ideas:
a miniature tea set
costume jewelry
seasonal themed ribbon bows
doll house furniture
mini pumpkins
mini candles tied to the branches
mini clothespins holding quotes/words/sayings
small presents = wrap tiny boxes with paper and bows
fancy chocolates
gilt or silver painted nuts/acorns/pinecones

Just a few ideas I thought of that might be different.


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CC, I love your ideas, now that's what I'm talking about!

I have a lot of small teapots on display (not miniature), so if I were to buy a miniature set, how would I hang them on the "branches? I could use tiny ribbon for the cups, but not sure about the plates.

But...teapots would be more for kitchens so I think I want this in the LR because of the color of the tree.

I especially like the clothespin idea. Not sure about the quotes, etc. I want the display to be visible without having to get next to it.

Okay ladies, put your thinking caps on. What can I use the clothespins for which would fit with the LR decor? The decor is on the rustic, country side. Colors are the jewel tones, burgandy, green, some blues, brass, silver and copper.

Karen, thanks so much! It's about that time of the year where I'll be looking at the inspiration pictures again!

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Most of my ideas have already been suggested - you have gotten some really great suggestions from the other gals. I am really partial to the mini picture frames - also love the crystal idea. Larger brooches, costume jewelry would be pretty......


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Oak, if you use mini teacups and saucers, just glue the saucers to the cups. I've seen them done that way often and might even be one in the inspiration album. A shop I use to go to sold these ornaments and they were so pretty.

hugs, Karen

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scroll all the way down, just some ideas on the teacup

Here is a link that might be useful: ornaments

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Karen, those are darling! I'm going to really check into the miniature ornaments soon.

But I found what I want NOW. lol. I was cleaning through all the Christmas catalogs I've received the past week.

Lillian Vernon was the first one I looked at and I fell in love with these ornaments.

See, I'm going to keep the tree in the LR, so I need ornaments that are appropriate for the room.

Look at these! I'm so in love! I had to order two sets, but I got a 10% discount. I've seen these ornaments before but never even dreamed of putting them on my OT.

What a fun and subtle way to decorate throughout the year. These ornaments will serve as my Fall and possibly Christmas ornaments as well.

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those are PERFECT!!!!! Good job .....


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Thanks Lynne! The best part is they're the exact colors of my living room!

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Oh YES...those are definitely PERFECT. Not to mention beautiful. Way to Go!

hugs, Karen

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