What was I thinking??? LOL

PurplemoonSeptember 14, 2011

I can't believe the "trouble" I got into today, at Dollar Tree and Michaels. YOU Enablers, who got me all excited about how to decorate those two metal pieces, had me off to get some Fall florals. Now any sensible person would have WAITED and unpacked all her Fall things first, because said sensible person (HA!)knows she has a LOT.

But sensibility went one way while I went the other... shopping.

(Whoever decided to put a Dollar Tree right next door to Michaels is nothing but a trouble-maker. I'm just sayin')

DT had Fall florals for my pots on front porch, and some

Halloween stuff, and and and. Walked out of there with 4

bags I think. But it sounds worse than it was, two of them were filled with the dried moss. I needed about 8 packs, quite a few pots need freshening up.

I had a 50% off coupon for Michaels, that was the good news.

The bad news was there were big sales on darn near everything for Fall and Halloween!! 40% and 50% off.

Woooo Hoooo....(that was the little shopping devil on my shoulder yelling in my ear. He totally drowned out the little common sense angel on the other side.) I loaded up my buggy and smiled all the way to the check-out counter. Where the cash register wiped the smile right off my face.

All the bags are sitting in the garage, my common sense angel isn't speaking to me, and I'm left wondering WHAT was I thinking???

I probably wouldn't have gone shopping if not for some Enablers I know....I WAS going to start unpacking my Fall

things today.

hugs, Karen-who's-just-out-of-control this month

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Ha,ha, You were just making up for lost time! Remember all those months you couldn't get out of the house. You deserve to go a little overboard once in a while. I had to run over to the hospital this evening for a bone density scan, and decided while I was out to check Family Dollar and Roses, they are both in the shopping center next to the hospital. I didn't find anything at Family Dollar, but Roses was painting/ redecorating and they had a lot of stuff marked down. They had 2 different stlyes/ sizes of amber/gold glass stemmed candleholders @$2 and $3, and a pair of *** PURPLE*** stemmed voitive holders for $3. Guess who I thought of? I didn't buy any of them, because I am running out of space, and ever sence, I got home I have kicked myself for not getting them, space or no space. When I go back, if they are still there, I will know they were ment for me to buy them. They also had 2 different styles of large apocarthy jars for $3, You are kicking yourself for buying and I am kicking myself for not buying. LOL Do any of you have a Roses near you? I find a lot of neat thing there pretty cheap. Janet

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Karen...Janet.. I'm laughing over what you two gals did today and I guess you're both perfect examples of
Damned if You Do...Damned If You Don't!!
Karen it's funny I was at DT today too, and I saw neat Halloween decos - but the Moss and Florals made me think of you. Must have been your 'shopping vibes' on overload, sending out signals!
I had DH w/me...so that put a damper on MY shopping.
Glad you're able (in your mind) justify all your shopping on 'enablers'..but honestly, between going to a DT and having a 50% off coupon for Michael's - I don't think you need enablers to blame - unless it makes you feel better! lol
Janet....I feel for you...been there - done that - not buying something you see, then pining away thinking about.
Hope they're still there when you go back...I think the're 'meant for you' !


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Just LOL! Those 'Enablers R Us' sure can get ya, can't they! Lookin' forward to your Fall decor! Jeanne S.

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Well, Karen, I would say that was just "smart shopping" on your part. Lots less expensive to get what you can at the DT, then hit the Michael's for the rest.

I'm enjoying my light cottage decor with all my rose plates and flowers so not eager to switch out to fall colors. In fact, I'm thinking about just doing the fall decorating in the kitchen/family room areas this year for a change of pace. Need to get busy and dig out some of the Fall boxes to see what I already have and figure out what could go where. I'll also put some on the front pation like I always do.

You talk about other enablers! YOU got me looking at that blog yesterday with all her pretty Fall decor so now my mind is turning in that direction. Not really planning on adding much new, but might try to paint a couple new pieces that I've seen in my magazines.

Glad you had some fun shopping.


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Kay, you are one of my favorite people to enable. LOL.
(sorry about that).

Actually I totally understand you wanting to keep your pretty cottage decor and rose plates as they are.
I don't do very many areas myself, except for Christmas.
For the other holidays or seasons, I normally just do the front patio and the family-room. Tho now I have the sideboard in the entry hall, it is getting decorated (used to be a large china cabinet there with some of my dog figurines).
With my kitchen open to family-room, the bay window and the long counter get decorated. But I just consider that all "family-room". I don't do any of the bedrooms, or living-room. Just so much stuff to move, and the work to decorate, I try to make things easy as I can on my Fibro, at least till Christmas.
I do like adding a few holiday decorations in my main bathrooom, since my big cloche is in there. Hmmmm, beginning to sound like I decorate about 1/3rd the house is all. If I had a lot of company, I'd probably feel different, but since its just for 'me', then I do the rooms
I'm usually in a lot.
I think you'll be perfectly happy doing less this year for Fall. Then maybe Christmas you'll want to do your normal
decorating. Main thing is just to ENJOY whatever you do.

hugs, Karen

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