Crawling onward with fall

milosmom_gwSeptember 23, 2012

Hi girls :).

I had a little mishap on the 13th which curbed my following for a few days but I'm slowly regaining enough strength to visit.

I was walking on our country property to collect pinecones for a christmas project, something I've done many times before.

Something bit me but I didn't give it much thought as mosquitos are so prevalant so I carried on with my day. The next morning , I woke up with so much pain in my right leg (where I was bitten) to the point of not being able to move it.

I managed to sit up and look around. Much to my horror, my leg was swollen and bruised from toe to thigh with every vein looking like a roadmap.

Off to the emergency center.

The Drs first remark was snakebite. Absolutly not ,I would have seen that and still been laying out there dead from fright , not the bite. After wasting time looking for a snakebite that I told him did not exist and a million questions it was decided that it must have been a spider.

Multiple shots later I was allowed to go home with very strict instructions (only because I live 5 blocks from the hosp and would be able to come back immediatly if needed)and enough antibiotics to keel over a large elephant.

It took multiple days for the swelling to recede and the muscle pain is still lingering of which I'm told can last for quite some time or even be permanent to some degree *oh friggin lovely*.

Anyways, I'm aggrivated / agitated but recovering. Longterm sitting or standing is impossible so I'm having to gently mix both and go at a slower pace than I'm accustomed to but onward we're going.

I did get the pinecones though... LOL

I'm working on resetting the china cabinet but it's a slow progress.

It's taken me a week but I did finish the fall trees for the front steps. Pics to follow shortly.

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The fall trees...

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WOW, MM what an awful experience! Do you have any idea what kind of spider it might have been?
I hope you continue to get better and better every day.
Your Fall trees are pretty.
Is that a pug mailbox? It is so cute!!!

Glad you got the pinecones!!

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Wow, I am so sorry to hear about your arachnid attack!
Even more so to hear about the long term effects. I hope you recover quickly with no permanent damage.

I was stung by a scorpion when we were in Sedona over Labor Day. I rolled over in bed and found out I was not sleeping alone!!! I got stung on my side. It was 1 AM and I didn't know what to do, so I got up and put ice on it and the next morning our hosts said that that was about all to do for it. There are anti-venom shots available, but they are very expensive. The pain radiated all up my shoulder and it was the worst pain I have ever experienced! However, after 14 hours of icing the site, the pain started to ease and the next day I was fine.
So, my pain was immediate, but luckily went away after a day. I am so sorry to hear yours is lingering and causing further problems.

Apparently not a good month for us and crawling critters!!

Your fall trees are gorgeous and look great on the steps. I like the scarecrow tree toppers and am very impressed that you were able to complete these while enduring the pain from your attack. Also, that you were able to gather your pinecones.
Looking forward to seeing your projects with those after the agony you went through to get them.

Did the Dr. say what kind of spider he thought attacked you? We have Black Widows and Brown Fiddlbacks around here and the Brown Fiddlebacks are the most poisonous of the 2.

Anyway, glad you are getting better, but sorry to hear you are suffering. You are certainly a trooper for hanging in there and decorating the trees.

I hope you recover fully and quickly.

Does this mean you won't be using any spiders in your Halloween decorations? LOL

Take care of yourself.

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Nana: TY. I hope progress moves along to. I have stuff to do and this is annoying. No idea what got me , I never did see any spiders/bugs ect at all other than the occasional mosquito.
Yes, that is my pug mailbox. (now we all know I've really gone over the
I saw one on a trip DH and I took and commented to him "aww I want that". Being the gem that he is, he plotted for awhile to figure it out and made me one. I love it.

OMG! I'm sorry you had a run in with the scorpion. That sounds utterly awful.
I've never seen one other than on tv but those things freak me out and I'd have a heart attack if one was in the bed with me.
I was told ice is best for all things like that. After a couple of days I decided somebody lied I knew not to do heat because of the toxin spreading but I reallllly wanted to hug a heating pad.

Working on the trees was no easy feat , allot of work a little and go put leg up to rest , rinse and repeat.
I wasn't sure how they would turn out when my friend gave me the trees brand new but I didn't "need" them as I already have a set I use at Christmas but it was a fun project. TY :).
We have brown recluses and black widows here as well. I had arachnophobia to the nines long before this but now I'm convinced every spider is out to get me and it's sooo much worse.
The Dr never really concluded what it was other than not the recluse because there's no necrosis/blistering of the tissue around the bite as happens with a recluse.
Whatever it was, I hope it rots in hell. lol

mmm... spiders for halloween decor? I shudder at the thought but I'm sure there will be a few. I may even stoop to such a sick level of using one as a pincushion with nails just to "get even". lol

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mmm... spiders for halloween decor? I shudder at the thought but I'm sure there will be a few. I may even stoop to such a sick level of using one as a pincushion with nails just to "get even". lol

ROTFLOL at your statement!!!!
I love the idea of a spider pincushion to get even!! Too clever!!

What a great DH to get you that mailbox. I have golf decor everywhere so totally understand your pug obsession.
Our 13 year old DGD has a pug puppy, but she lives in San Diego so we only have seen pictures of the puppy.

T & P's for your full and speedy recovery.

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MM...oh this sounds horrible! What a strange thing! Hoping each day is better for you ... take good care (but I am glad you got your pinecones ...but not @that cost!) The Fall trees look very pretty at your are talented...& even more, you were able to get them done at your own pace. Hugs to you, MM ...Jeanne S.

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MM, so sorry to hear about your Spider Bite! Hope your feeling better every day. Love your fall trees you decorated and topped with the scarecrows. I think about doing something like this but that's as far as it goes.LOL

Will be looking forward to see what you do with the pinecones. I painted some neon orange a few years ago and use them for filler quit often.


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Marlene Kindred


I am so sorry about the spider bite...good grief! You've had a time. Glad you're recovering and are able to do some of your crafts and decorating. Hope you feel much better very soon!

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My goodness, MM, sounds like you had quite a bad time! What in the world are you and Candy doing getting attacked by such nasty little critters? (shaking my head in disbelief at the trouble you both got into!)

Its amazing you could decorate those beautiful Fall trees, or do ANY thing. I am sending prayers that there is no permanent muscle damage from whatever bit you.

hugs and healing thoughts,

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OMG, poisonous spider bites and scorpion bites where you wait and wonder what to do?!?! I can't imagine. There is the advantage of living in the north where you get miserable winters: nasty poisonous critters can't live in our climate. :p

Glad you both survived!!

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You might be onto something with the climate idea.
I have a friend who lives in Anchorage that told me I needed to move up there with her. Umm , no thanks - just a wee bit cold for

It's been almost a month now and though the recovery time has "passed" , I'm still having some muscle pain and weird tingling feeling in my leg from time to time. According to the Dr , it's nothing to be worried about and should resolve in time. It's very annoying though. *ugh*
We're going to Atlanta in a couple of weeks which is a 10hr drive that I'm not particularly sure is going to go to well but I've been waiting for months so we're going. lol
I managed to finish the china cab and will try to get pics up in a day or two. Been spinning my wheels trying to get some projects done that I've gotton behind on.
Hope everyone is well!! :)

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