Cent symbol help, please?

Mary_Ann_MDMarch 26, 2004

Can some one please help me with this? I forgot how to make the cent symbol in word. TIA

Mary Ann

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If you go to Insert on your tool bar and drop down, you'll see Symbol. Click on symbol and you will get a table of symbols. You can find the cent sign, degree sign and many, many more there. Highlight the symbol you want and click on insert at the bottom of the table.

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I hold down the Alt key and over on the number keyboard I put in 0162 for the cent sign and 0176 for the degree sign I can't get it to work on this forum It works in word and on AOL

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¢¢¢°°° Works for me with holding down the Alt key. You can get the complete list of Characters by going to
http://www.kelseypub.com Hope that helps

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Click on: Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map (not every one will have this, but, most peeps will)...

Note: not every Font will have every character.

Choose: Font from drop down
Click on: the character you want (it will enlarge so you can see it better)....
Click: Select > Copy >
Right click in message window and Paste....


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Degree mark will show up on postings if you use Alt and 0186

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Here is the symbol: ¢. You can copy it from this post and paste it onto a word document - then change it to fit the size and style of the font you are currently using, if that font has this symbol, otherwise, use as is, sizing it to fit as needed. For future use, save the word document with a copy of the symbol and copy and paste onto any other documents as needed. I did this until I read Joy's post. My computer has the symbol on my character map, so I can use now instead of my word document.

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