Any drawbacks to built in marble bench in showers?

threeapplesMay 30, 2012

i've not found good reviews for those nice wall mount teak shower seats and am now exploring the possibility of a built in marble bench, the kind that goes all the way to the floor of the shower. What are the disadvantages of this? Any comments? thanks.

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I think a shower seat is great. Initially I wanted a solid seat that went to the floor but decided against it when I realized it would be harder to stand from a solid bench rather than one that would allow for feet to be wherever one needed them to be in order to get up off the bench. (our 88 1/2 yo MIL lives here)

Keeping the floor clean under the bench hasn't been hard at all.

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We have a little bench. Our shower comes to a point at the far end and it is built into the corner, with a marble top and tiled front. Because it is small and the corner is tight, it's cramped for an adult to sit on; our kids can sit on it to get their feet washed, but it is mostly there (1) for my wife to put her feet on to shave her legs, and (2) to use that odd little space. We also put shampoo bottles etc. on it, since it is mostly out of sight.

The only disadvantage I can think of is that marble can be rather cold to sit on, vs. teak. (One factor to consider is whether you will actually be sitting on it much or not.) (As for getting up, I had a disabled parent so I am familiar with the issues, and I don't think it's a big concern. Unlike a tile-topped bench, it's not flush; the marble top overhangs the front a bit.) I was a bit concerned that tile-cleaning chemicals could harm the marble, but there is no sign of that after 3 years.

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Annie Deighnaugh

We put a bench in our shower that is wall to wall, but open underneath. We had a waterproof light installed underneath the seat for ambient light while we are steaming as it is also a steam shower. We had it made out of corian which we also used on the shower surround and on the counter top with the integrated sinks. We went with corian specifically because it is warmer than stone. there is a significant difference in temperature between the seat and even leaning back against the porcelain tile wall. I can't imagine sitting on a granite or marble seat.

However, our fabricator did have to contact corian and design a special metal support as corian is not structural...but it came out really nice and we are happy with it.

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