Finally dug it all out!

luvstocraftSeptember 30, 2010

Okay, today was the day! I got the ladder and pulled the Fall/Halloween items out of the storage area. Piled it all over the back patio table. Just look at this mess!

I think this last one says it all! I must be crazy to do this every year! LOL

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How funny, hey at least your half way there. Keep us posted.

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That sign in the last photo says it ALL.
LOL. How perfect.
Looking at the photos, my first thought was it looks a lot like my garage floor. Then I looked again and thought how yours looks a lot neater. How do you do that?

Gosh, you've got some cool things! I just finished drooling over the new witch, now you overload my little senses with this pile of goodies!

hugs, Karen

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Yes, that's exactly why I am procrastinating on unpacking my Autumn totes! All the stuff is sooo overwhelming at first. I'm working up to it tho! LOL

You have some very cute things, Luvs.

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Good grief, luvs! You certainly do have LOTS of Fall/Halloween stuff! Well, now that your painted witch is done, you can work at it one step at a time! (unless it rains!) Your yard looks beautiful in the pics & seeing your lovely roses blooming was a treat. Good luck ...& I can see lots of wonderful vignettes coming soon! Jeanne S.

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You brave thing, you! There's no way I could take all my stuff out at once. Too, too scary...

Of course, I don't have my things organized so I spend a lot of time in the storage room picking through bins. Your way is way better, but I don't dare. DH would faint...

- Magpie

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Looks like you have a little work cut out for you, my dear. Maybe you can visit the Insane Asylum in your next life, I don't think you have time to fit it into your schedule here. Your much to busy entertaining us here. It does look quite organized so hope it goes up quickly for you this year.


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You are more advanced than I am. It has been so warm! I just can't get motivated! I started looking through the bins.

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Woohoo, you have lots of totally cool decorations!! Do you put them in the same places each year or move them around?? Looks like you're ready for a decorating marathon! LOL

Tomorrow is finally Oct. so I will start on the Halloween decor then.


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whoa.. looks very familiar, I too just lugged out all of my fall decorations , they too are taking up space on my patio... this weekend I plan to get them all up.. I don't do too many stricly halloween, have a few, mostly like just fall decor.. I was headed to Michaels, but thought I really needed to dig out what I already have first.. still picked up a few things.. I LOVE fall..anyway looking at your pics, looks very much like the view from my kitchen window LOL have fun this weekend... I know I will !!

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Cheri, you sound like me. LOL. Before I dug out my stuff I went in Michaels, saw all the Fall stuff, and just 'had' to buy some. Then I unpacked mine and nearly had a heart attack. I still am looking for places to put some of it!
And what's really got me going is HOW do I add the Halloween stuff to it this year! Even worse, on Nov 1st,
where am I going to put all my Turkey/Thanksgiving decor?
Usually no problem adding these to my Fall stuff, but this year is turning out to be a challenge. And a headache!!

Luvs, I keep looking at your stuff. And of all the goodies piled there, I am MOST drawn to the cute NEW little blocks you've been making! Those designs with the kitty, the spider web, etc are just so dang adorable. You make me wish I had a cricut to do that kind of stuff....
then I look at my 'Too Long to Do List' and the fact I can procrastinate with the best of them! Makes me realize I don't need one more thing to "do". Or NOT do in my case!

hugs, Karen

"I'd take a tranquilizer if I
could get my teeth unclenched"

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Cheri, I can't wait to see your displays when you are finished! I'm not doing much decorating this year but I do enjoy seeing and admiring what everyone else is doing.

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Marlene Kindred

Looks like you have quite the job ahead of you, but at least you've started...I still haven't gotten motivated, but I'm hoping to this weekend since it has cooled down a bit. Can't wait to see what you do with all of them. LOVE the "Insane Asylum" plague...I could use one just like it!

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Luvs, I realized I called you Cheri after I sent my post. I tried to send another one , but GW told me I'd have to start a new thread, anyway I can't wait to see what you do with all your stuff.

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Luvs...I can totally relate to your situation..
I've been really dragging on taking things out and have been
going about it very slowly.
You've got quite a nice collection to work with and
being you're so creative...I think you'll get that suff up quickly, and your place will be decorated in no time!


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Hi everyone, well I did get it all carted into the living room because the weatherman said we might get showers and some winds--didn't want to have it blowing all over the neighborhood! LOL Had Grandparents day today and then the other Grandma and I took our little gal out for lunch and to the park to play. First time she has been here to get to go to Grandparents Day, so I was so tickled that she could be here.

I keep having all these "ideas" of what I want to do this year IF I can just remember them when I actually start to put it all up. Candy, I might put them in the same places if I went back and looked at last years pics--otherwise I can't remember what went where so it's like starting all over each year. Plus I keep making and buying new things that I want to use too.

I just wanted all of you to see that I "share" your pain! LOL


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I thought of you in the middle of the night last night when the wind started. It blew my giant potted ficus tree over and scattered pieces of olive tree and plum tree EVERYWHERE.

We had tree branches all down the street. Glad to hear you got things inside.

I am just getting my stuff down from the attic. I didn't get to decorate for any of the fall holidays last year because of the kitchen remodel, so I have been surprised at what I've found in a few of the boxes I've managed to open thus far. Doesn't take long to forget what you put in once they're stored away.

Have to get September packed away first, then I'll start on Fall/October.

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Gosh, OA, that sounded like some bad wind. I don't know if it hit Luvs place but sure glad to hear she'd brought her stuff inside, just in case.
You will have a lot of fun rediscovering your decorations this year, I'm so glad you can now get to use them!

Luvs, as for you trying to remember your ideas...LOL..I hear ya. This year, when some Christmas ones have popped into my head, I've written them down! I know when I start hauling out all those bins, I'll be overwhelmed and addled-brained. Not that I remember what I did without looking back at pictures, but I like changing things around when I can. Sometimes when I go to bed and my mind won't shut down, I start thinking about decorating. I'm hoping if I actually have a PLAN in mind this year, it won't overwhelm me as much.

What would we do without lists. LOL
hugs, Karen

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OA, it sounds like you might have gotten more of the winds than we did over here, but we did get enough to hear things banging around and to turn a few of my outside items over. Usually we get strong winds right around Halloween, because I remember having to go outside and redo the patio each year about that time! I've learned to try to secure my garlands and thins down as well as I can. I was disappointed we didn't get more rain out of it.

Okay, need to get off here and get busy findig places to display all this stuff.


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Luvs. sometimes it's as much fun to see the pile of goodies as seeing it all put out in the house. I thought I was the only one who lived in an Insane Asylum!!!

I have more fall & Halloween than anything. Hubby is buying 3 more shelves this weekend & I'm going to try to organize (by holiday & season) better!

I may take some pics of the MESS so you all can see it too! Oh my poor back, just the thought makes it hurt!

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Do take pictures.

And I loved to hear from everyone concerning this question:

When you put things away in bins or boxes, do you label them according to items (Halloween candles, Halloween string lights, Halloween pictures) or do you label them according to rooms (Halloween: Living Room, Halloween: Front Porch, Halloween: Family Room, Halloween: patio)?

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OA, if I take pics you'll all have a heart attack! LOL Unfortunately, nothing of mine is labeled, cause I get a bin for fall or Halloween & then when I come home from sales and have new goodies, I stick them wherever I can find a small space for them. That is the big job, to try to organize better & have it all in some kind of order.

I went to sons house today & helped grand-daughter put all her Halloween out. We did the bay window in the family room, the kitchen table & island & the livingroom.

Unfortunately, when she got her bins out, one of her Halloween plates was cracked in 3 pieces, so she only had 3 left.

We ran to DT, Walmart, Home Goods, Dollar General, Target & a Halloween party store with NO luck! Unless we wanted to pay $5 for another plate, but even she thought it was rediculous, as she's my garage sale buddy & said "I only paid .50 each for those 4 plates & we shouldn't have to pay $5 for another one"!!!

She is a good bargain hunter. Finally, when our legs were falling off, we decided to just do 2 place settings & put the odd plate on the counter in a plate holder!!!! Thank goodness, I could not face one more store.

The worst part is, I saw a set of 4 at a sale on Thursday for $1 a plate, but figured we both had ours so I passed it up!!! Grrrrr.

I will help her finish her napkins tomorrow & then take pics to post. I also got pics of her apple table before we took it down, to post here.

She has about 8 bins of things already, for different holidays & seasons. NO WAY could we do tables & other decor at 2 houses at retail prices, thank goodness for garage sales!!!

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My feet, legs, and back are killing me tonight, but I got all the Halloween done inside and out. And I have a full bin of just Fall stuff and a small container of more leaves, candles, etc. that will go out when the Halloween gets put away. I had fun doing it, but really shouldn't do it all in one day!

The thing that bugs me the most is that I can't change out all my pictures and my rose plates, so I think those look weird hanging above the Halloween stuff. Anyone have a solution for that????

I took some pics, too tired to post now, maybe later.


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Luvs, you could change out your beautiful rose plates with some of those plates you've created with your Cricut! And I'm one for changing out framed prints...only thing you have to put up with is sometimes different holes for hanging! LOL! I do it alot! You can too if you've a mind to! DH is patient with me...many holes have been filled in this house in 40 yrs! Jeanne S.

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