Oven Touchpad Repair

TexanInOhioMay 3, 2013

One of the buttons on my oven touchpad failed recently. I had an appliance store come out to look at it. We discovered that a jumper wire had been placed from one of the wires in the touch pad ribbon cable to the connector.

Is this a standard repair method you have seen? Could this have been done during manufacturing if it failed a quality check?

My home warranty provider is trying to deny coverage claiming it was not due to normal wear and tear.

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news flash : this is what home warranty co.s' do.

they look for any tidbit, loophole, or stall tactic in order to keep from paying out to you. Just what are they claiming it was caused from ? Abuse ?

What makes you think this was repaired previously ? It sounds sloppy , but it may have come from the factory like that.

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The service tech assumed it was an attempt at a repair, possibly by the previous homeowner.

My position is exactly what you said. Without any specific evidence of who put in the jumper, it is just as likely that it was done during the manufacturing process.

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