brand for good results heat transfer paper

Kathy_sw_va_mtsMarch 24, 2006

What brand have you used that gave you really great results? As you might guess I have not had good results and while it is just a tee shirt, I hate to waste stuff. Thank you so much for your help.

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Hi Kathy - Don't you just hate bad results!! Ruined a good t-shirt (or whatever) as well as the disappointment - Argh!!

I've had good results with several brands. Some work better with specific brands of printers, others aren't so picky.

Are you using your iron to press them on?
Are you preheating the iron sufficiently?
What sort of surface do you have under the fabric when you are ironing?

What sort of problems are you having?
Colors not bright enough?
Transfer peeling off?

Let us know and someone here probably has the answer for you!

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