Tile suggestions please...

A.DavisMay 2, 2012

I am having a hard time selecting tile for our master bathroom floor, shower and tub backsplash. We went to pick out our granite last week and found a remnant of Delicatus White for our vanity top. I absolutely love it! Now the problem is I am not sure what tile to go with it?

Picture is from phone, sorry for quality.

I need tile for the floor, shower and backsplash around tub. Any suggestions?

Thank you, Abby

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Congratulations on getting this far in your renovations, Abby, and nice looking granite too!

Can't advise you on color of tile, but do want to offer a word of caution --- something I wish I'd known before I did all my tile shopping. If at all possible, once you have found the tile you love, BEFORE purchasing, see the run of tile you are buying to confirm the dye lot is consistent with the sample you fell in love with. I had not heard of anyone having problems with this, but boy, we sure did!

I fell in love with the sample floor tile from a very reputable tile shop in my town, but when the order arrived and we opened the boxes, they were absolutely not right. . .it was incredible how "off color" these tiles were. Fortunately, the shop took them back and called around to other warehouses to find a dye lot more consistent with the sample I loved. BUT, when that order arrived, it too was nothing close to the sample!! We were amazed! We had lost a couple of weeks work time with our tile man, had lost confidence in the manufacturing process and the lack of quality control, and were frustrated beyond belief. We threw our hands up and marched right out to our Big Box store and found a tile we could live with, sat down in the aisle and opened boxes until we were satisfied we could purchase everything we needed for the job.

Again, I hadn't heard of anyone having this problem. Maybe we are an anomaly. But, keep your wits about you with the tile selecting and purchasing. Good luck. I know you will be thrilled with the final outcome of your renovation.

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Beautiful beautiful. I know this may sound boring but, I would just go with a simple white or light gray tile and let the granite be the star of your room. For a little surprise, I would add a stripe of glass mosaic with a combination of black, white and gray in the design for establishment in the tub area. With a dark vanity and nickel fixtures, it would be amazing. Dal-Tile has some nice solid colors to choose from at a reasonable price. I would keep it very low profile as sometimes, less is more.

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That is a stunning piece of granite!!!

Don't know what your other elements will look like, but I think a "black" floor tile would look perfect with that gorgeous stone (add a black vanity, polished or brushed nickel hardware....ooh la la). I put black in quotes because I'm thinking black with some silver or metallic incorporated in it.

FWIW, we used "Glow" tile from Interceramic (distributed by AKDO?) in Cosmos, which is a charcoal-y black. It has a silvery sheen/texture--looks almost like fabric (people who come over always ask us what the floor is, and ask if they can touch it!). I personally think it would look smashing with your granite! :-) They also have lighter colors if dark floors aren't your thing, and I'll bet one of those would also look great with your granite as well.

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I'm with Cat, black floor or dark brown, what ever dark color is in that granite. I like the way dark floors ground a room; I'm doing a black slate floor in my remodel for that very reason.

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lizb_1772: Thank you! I will make sure and remember that.

lukkiirish: Thank you, it doesn't sound boring at all. I felt like simple might be the best option as well. I am afraid of doing white because my husband is a farmer. He comes in with all kinds of mud and grease on him. I'm scared he will have that white stained in no time. I like the idea of gray and letting the granite be the main focus.

cat_mom: Thank you! I loved it as soon as I saw it. I forgot to mention that our vanity and wainscoting around the tub is all white. I started to switch to black but our bathroom is rather small and I am afraid it may make it too dark. What do you think? What would I do in the shower area?

enduring: I love slate floors. Do you think dark floors are okay in a small bathroom?

Thanks, Abby

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Our MB is tiny. Our vanity is black, in addition to the floor tile. The tub, toilet, sinktop, and tub surround and backsplash tile are all white, painted walls are lt blue.

I personally think the black would look very nice with your granite, and give a nice contrast. It could make for a pretty and dramatic looking bathroom.

If you do a search, you can find pics on this forum of our MB (and hall bathroom). I can post some pics later for you if you can't find them.

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I am with Cat Mom, I am planning a bathroom makeover right now and am planning a granite similar in color to yours and I am going with a medium to charcol grey on the floor with a little texture look to it. I am looking at Expresso vanities. My tub is white as will be my toilet and my undermount sink.

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What about this for the accent tile in shower and tub backsplash?

Should the vanity cabinet and the tub wainscoting be black? Or just vanity?

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Annie Deighnaugh

Beautiful granite!

I'd go with something more white with a black dot for the floor...something less busy than this though I like the border treatment.

The granite looks like it has a lot of pearlescence in it and I'd probably work with that for the backsplash.

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Your granite should be the star, so I would pick something fairly simple (unless the space is large).

A darker floor can look great in a small space, and based on your husband's occupation, I would go with a medium to dark grey. One thing to think about is the tile/surface's texture: a "rough" texture might be fine for backsplash; and for flooring, it will provide slip protection, but consider whether it might be more difficult to clean.

How about a pale grey paint for the vanity?

The tiles in the photo above posted by Annie look like American Olean. They are very reasonably priced, and using a darker grout with them will also hide a lot of dirt. I have heard they wear well, too.

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Annie Deighnaugh

What color is your vanity?

You could go with a black tile with some sparkle in it to give it more life.

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I selected white for the vanity but it has not been started and can still be changed. I picked out the granite after the vanity selection and I m starting to worry the white will not look right. The double vanity is across from the tub wainscoting panel.

So I'm not sure if they both need to be white or if it will look okay with them being different colors? Sorry I'm a little overwhelmed with the master bath. I am so scared I will choose something and later regret it or it won't look right.

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Wow. That granite is so wonderful! I would love to suggest a white or gray tile for your room! And let that granite be the center of attraction. I would also suggest that you should install a glass enclosure around your shower area to have compartment on your bathroom. In addition it can also help attract the surrounding since it is made up of glass. What a perfect combination as a result! Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Enclosures

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I'd do a rich gray, but not a plain old tile. Maybe a wood look, plank style in gray. I think you would have to find just the right one to complement the granite. It wouldn't be busy, but yet it wouldn't say "we played it safe".

Or, if those look too much like barnboard (which some of the gray ones do), then maybe a dark wood-look-plank style.

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Beekeeperswife: Thank you for the suggestions. I called our cabinet maker and changed the vanities to black and I am leaning towards just putting the same hardwood that is in the rest of the house in the bathroom. It is a handscraped dark wood and I think it will look good. Do you think it will be okay?

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Here is our hardwood sample:

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I wouldn't put hardwood in a master bath, just too much water. I've had it in my 1/2 bath before and replaced it twice around the toilet. The area where you step out of the shower would also be an issue. No matter how anal you are about keeping your caulk in good shape, there will still be times you get water seeping down the edges.

Wood is a porous material, porous materials and water eventually lead to mold.

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