Hydronic Towel Warmer

adamdocMay 4, 2013

Hi all - we're nearing sheetrock stage, and are finalizing plumbing details. We have an open-loop hot water circulation system primarily to keep our hot water quickly accessible in a fairly wide layout. I'd like to plumb in a hydronic towel warmer, but can't seem to get a straight answer anywhere.

I've see the Runtal Fain unit which is stainless steel, but is quite pricey, and the rep on the phone was fairly rude. He also seemed to imply that it will be unattractive next to chrome fixtures, which we have everywhere.

I also saw Amba, but can't see if they will work on an open-loop system.

Myson is another brand that makes these things, and some literature online says that they can work with open loop, but the Myson website says closed-loop only.

We can't go electric because the warmer is set to be above a tub, and our inspector informed us that despite what a few salesmen have told us, that is against code.

Anyone have experience with towel warmers on open-loop circ systems?

thanks in advance!


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Sophie Wheeler

You're confusing a hot water recirculation system to get hot water to the faucets with a hot water boiler hydronic heating system that has PEX in the floors, or walls, etc. The two aren't interchangeable at all.

First question is how is your home heated? Hydronically?

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when i had certain questions, i called amba customer service directly and they were very helpful answering questions... the other companies most likely would too over the phone or through email...

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Thanks for the replies.

Hollysprings - I am not confusing the two. I am quite aware that we don't have hydronic heating, but we do have a domestic hot water recirculation system, which only certain hydronic towel warmers are compatible with... The Fain model is all stainless, so it is fine, but the non-stainless models can't have any air in the system, which is why closed loop is required.

Busybee3 - I'll give Amba a call. Good idea.


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Hudson Reed sells Hydronic towel warmers. Not sure if they are closed or open loop, but you can check their website.

Here is a link that might be useful: TW for a re-circulating hot water system.

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Oops, just saw this: Please Note: Our radiators are designed for forced circulation closed loop systems only. They are not compatible with open loop, gravity hot water or steam systems.

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